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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Song of the Day: Triple up Day again

Wow, looks like I have really not been keeping with it on these posts. Sorry to get behind. The songs for the last two days and today are I Bloom Blaum, 1.36, and I ran away. It's late at night however, so I haven't actually listened to these songs yet (which are from the B Sides album, disc 2). I will post what I think about them tomorrow. You will need to click here to listen to Bloom, Blaum as I didn't find a video for it.

I'm back! So, I think 1.36 doesn't sound anything like what you would expect from Coldplay, but I still really like it. I like I ran away even more. For some reason, I felt like they sounded sort of like the Beatles in this one. Am I the only one that thinks this? But really, I think that I Bloom, Blaum is my favorite, so beautiful. I wonder why these songs aren't more well-known?



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