In 2014 I featured a series of blog posts introducing you to 2,014 names. For the most part they were names that were brand new to me as well. Some names may be more familiar but I found the meaning or origin or some other aspect of the name made it worthy of inclusion here. You may love some of the names, you may hate some, but hopefully you enjoy learning about all of them.

Friday, November 9, 2012

November Ancestors

I thought I would do a special post about ancestors or relatives who both were born and died in November. This is because my grandfather Junius Robert Wilson was born Nov 11, 1896 and died Nov 13, 1956. I'm always struck when I read or hear about someone who died on or near their birthday, it seems more poignant somehow, those who die just before somehow more so. Not entirely sure why that is. A bit of superstition left in me, I suppose.

So here are my November ancestors/relations:

Junius Robert Wilson    my grandfather, from Escalante, Utah, oldest son of Richard Edward Wilson and Harriet Esther Laramie. Husband of Winnifred Mary Elizabeth Hansen. Father of 5 children. My father was the 4th child, and youngest son. I should do a post on just him, when my dad gets back in town maybe that's what I'll do.

Mary Barbara Dellit     my 3rd great-grandmother, originally from Lancaster, PA but spent the second half of her life in Frederick County, Virginia. I am named for my grandmother who was named for Barbara's sister Elizabeth Dellit. Barbara was born Nov 12 1819 and died Nov 28, 1876. She was the youngest of 4 daughters of John Adam Dellet and Barbara Stokerman. First wife of John Wingerter. Mother of 6 children, including David Wingerter, my 2nd great-grandfather (and father of Ada May Wingerter, my great-grandmother, who named her first child after her favorite aunt - Elizabeth Dellet).

Isaac Hodgson   my 1st cousin, 4 times removed, his father was from Frederick County, Virginia. He is the oldest son of Robert Hodgson, Jr. and Sarah Renner and grandson of Robert Hodgson and Lurena Watson, my 4th great-grandparents. Born Nov 29, 1828 and died Nov 5, 1914.

Marie Adams  my great-aunt, married to Tommy Dick Lockhart, so my mother's aunt. I met her more than once and she was so lovable. Isn't that a nice way to be remembered? Someone barely knows you but they take away that you're lovable? Anyway, she was very sweet. She lived in this fantastic old house in downtown Winchester, Kent Street, I believe. I knew her at the end of her life, so she was always sitting in the same chair and did not get out of it, I think it hurt too much for her to walk. She had a sister, Kathleen, who she called Moose. I thought that was a strange nickname. Moose I never saw because she was extremely shy. Marie was the oldest daughter of John David Adams and Jessie Haymaker. Born Nov 12, 1912 (100 years ago on Monday) and died Nov 9, 2008 (not bad, she lived to be 96, and died 3 days before her birthday). Maybe I should do a post on just her as well? I don't have Mom here for that, but maybe I can call her. Marie was the mother of 6 children and was from Winchester, Virginia.

Elizabeth Larrick         my 1st cousin, 5 times removed. She was known as Betsy. She was the oldest daughter of Henry Larrick and Margaret Ann (or Nancy) Caudy, and the granddaughter of Caspar Larrick and Elizabeth Sundown, my 5th great-grandparents. She was the wife of William Rosenberger and mother to 7 children. She was from Frederick County, Virginia and is buried in Mountain Falls, Virginia. Her birthday was Nov 30, 1806 and she died on her birthday in either 1888 or 1889.

Florence M. Larrick      my 4th cousin, 2 times removed. She was the daughter of Charles Upton Larrick and Minola Heaume and sister of Victor H. Larrick. Her 3rd great-grandparents were Caspar Larrick and Elizabeth Sundown. She comes through their son Jacob Larrick and his son Benjamin Larrick and his son Vincent Fergeson "Doc" Larrick (her grandfather, father of Charles Upton Larrick). She was from Buffalo, Ohio, in Noble County, and died in Santa Barbara, California. Her birthday was Nov 24, 1904 and she died 21 Nov, 1988 (3 days before her birthday).

Jesse Ray Lockhart    my 1st cousin, 3 times removed. Youngest son of Joseph Josiah Lockhart and Dora Bell Alexander. Husband of Sylvia Frances Pendland. Father of 3 children. He was born in Oklahoma Indian Territory (now Kay, Oklahoma) and died in Dayton, Ohio. His grandparents were my 3rd great-grandparents, James Madison Lockhart and Mahala Oates. He was born Nov 15, 1909 and died Nov 23, 1998.

Bonnie May Lockhart   my 2nd cousin, 2 times removed. Youngest daughter of Walter Vaughn Lockhart and Lulu Wilson. Her birth and death dates are the same as she did not live past the day she was born, Nov 22, 1922. She is buried in Webster, Nebraska. Her great-grandparents, James Madison Lockhart and Mahala Oates, are my 3rd great grandparents. Her grandfather was their son James Madison Lockhart, Jr. (father of Walter Vaughn Lockhart).

Collins Allen Aikens    my 3rd cousin, 4 times removed. 3rd son of George David Aiken and Sally Bell McCormick. Husband of Bessie Mae Miller and father to 4 children. His 2nd great-grandparents were Martin Fries and Catherine Shaull, my 6th great-grandparents. He comes through their daughter Anna Fries and her daughter Anna Hott, mother of George David Aiken. He is from Bedington, West Virginia, in Berkeley County, originally, but died in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Born Nov 30, 1893 and died on his birthday in 1970. Elizabeth Larrick was the other person who was born and died on Nov 30th.

Lela Marie McNabb   my 3rd cousin, 1 time removed. Not sure if her parents are still living, so I will skip them and tell you that she is the granddaughter of Clarence John McCallum and Julia Ellen Ziemer and the
great-granddaughter of Mary Elizabeth Lockhart (Molley) and William L.McCallum and the 2nd great-granddaughter of James Madison Lockhart and Mahala Oates (my 3rd great-grandparents). She was born Nov 12, 1958 and died Nov 15, 1958. She only lived for 3 days. She has 4 siblings (3 half siblings and 1 full sibling). Her mother was from Nebraska.

James Israel Ritter, Jr.   my 2nd cousin, 2 times removed. 2nd son of James Israel Ritter, Sr. and Sarah Catherine Chrismore. Brother to Theodore Henkle and E.T. Ritter. Husband of Ursula and father to 2 children. He is the grandson of Ann Rebecca Carper and great-grandson of Alfred Carper and Sarah Welch, my 4th great-grandparents. His birthday was Nov 12, 1887 and died on this day in 1970. His grandmother Carper was from Frederick County, Virginia.

Loren Dale Shaeffer  my 7th cousin, once removed. His father was Vard C. Shaeffer and his mother Elsie Madge Knauss. Grandson of Henry Joseph Knauss and great-grandson of Henry David Knauss, great-great-grandson of Solomon Knauss, 3rd great-grandson of Johan Daniel Knauss
4th grandson of Salome Muller, 5th great-grandson of Elizabeth Frey, and 6th great-grandson of Anna Catherine Levering and Heinrich Frey. Born Nov 13, 1935 and died Nov 9, 2004, from Kunkle, Ohio, Williams County.

John A. Skiles  my 6th cousin, twice removed. 2nd son of Mary Helen Maugans and Andrew S. Skiles. Husband of Keturah Kinsley and father of 2 children. He was born Nov 7 1901 and died Nov 17, 1976, born in Lapel Indiana, Madison County. We are both descended from Heinrich Frey and Anna Catherine Levering. He comes through their son John Frey and also thru their daughter Amelia Elizabeth Frey as John's son Enoch married Amelia's daughter Nancy Ann Leinbach. Then thru their daughter Elizabeth Frey, her son Joseph Maugans, and his son Joseph Maugans, who was the father of Mary Helen Maugans.

Faun Bethel Smith    my 4th cousin, once removed. Born Nov 10, 1916 and died Nov 19, 2009. Oldest daughter of Lola Coe Gore and Clinton Benjamin Smith, wife of John Gilbert Cipra and then Nolan W. Tucker. Mother of 5 children. My 4th great grandfather Josiah Lockhart is her 3rd great-grandfather, however her 3rd great-grandmother was Nancy O'Dell, whereas my 4th great-grandmother was Elizabeth Caroline Triplett. She comes through their daughter Margaret Denny Wilson Lockhart, her son John Marshall Lockhart Gore, and his son Ulysses A. Gore, who was the father of Lola Coe Gore.