In 2014 I featured a series of blog posts introducing you to 2,014 names. For the most part they were names that were brand new to me as well. Some names may be more familiar but I found the meaning or origin or some other aspect of the name made it worthy of inclusion here. You may love some of the names, you may hate some, but hopefully you enjoy learning about all of them.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sacred Liberty


My dear and much Respected Brethren, At a Time when a corrupt and prostituted Ministry are pointing their destructive Machines against the sacred Liberties of the Americans, the Eyes of all Europe are upon us ; and much is expected from the known Resolution and Conduct of the Pennsylvanians,amongst whom the industrious and respectable Body of tradesmen and MECHANICS hear a very large Proportion. The Point in  question is, Whether we have Property of our own, or not? whether our Property, and the dear-earned Fruits of our Labour, are at our own Disposal, or shall be wantonly wrested from us, by a Set of luxurious, abandoned and piratical Hirelings, to be appropriated by them to  increase the Number of such infamous Pensioners,and support their unlimited Extravagance? The Result depends on our determined Virtue and  integrity, at so important a Crisis. The Nature of the detestable TEA-SCHEME, and the pernicious Consequences of submitting to receive it amongst us, subject to a Duty payable here, and levied on us without our Consent, have been so judiciously set forth, and demonstrated by abler Pens, as to leave no Room for one of my Capacity to undertake it; and, if the trifling Duty of Three-Pence were ONLY to be considered, it would not be worth our while to oppose it; nor worth while for the Ministry so strenuously to insist on; and take off, in Lieu thereof, a much greater Sum payable in London: But, that by this Breach (though small) they will enter the Bulwark of our sacred Liberties, and will never desist, till they have made a Conquest of the Whole. These arbitrary Measures we have virtuously opposed hitherto: Let us for our own Sakes, for our Posterity's Sake, for our Country's Sake, stedfastly persevere in Opposing to the End. Corruption, Extravagance, and Luxury, are seldom found in the Habitations of Tradesmen. Industry, Economy, Prudence, and Fortitude, generally inhabit there; and I expect to see these commendable Virtues shine  forth upon the present Occasion, with more than brilliant Lustre. Let not the artful Insinuation of our Enemies, That the Duty will be paid in England, by the East-India Company, and not in America, have any Weight amongst us: This is one of their Toils to ensnare us. The Act of 11th of Geo. 3, expressly lays the aforesaid Duty, on all Teas imported in America from England, payable on its landing here; And no private Contract between the East-India Company and the Lords of the Treasury, no Power under the Crown, nor even the King himself, can dispense with, set aside, disannul, or make void such a Clause, or any other in any Act of Parliament, but the same Power and Authority by which it was enacted. The grand Point in View is, by every Artifice to enslave the American Colonies, and to plunder them of their property, and, what is more, their Birth-Right, LIBERTY. It is therefore highly incumbent on us unitedly, with Heart and Soul, to resist the diabolical Delusion, and despise the infamous Projectors. But supposing the Act was repealed, and the Tea could be imported free of any Duty, Impost, or Custom; yet, is it not a most gross and daring Insult to pilfer the Trade from the Americans, and lodge it in the Hands of the East-India Company? Let us not be prevailed upon to suppose that this will affect the Merchants
only:—We need not concern ourselves with it:—It will first most sensibly affect the Merchants; but it will also very materially affect YOU, ME, and every Member of the Community. The East India Company at present have shipped their desperate Adventure in chartered Bottoms; it was prudent so to do, or else possibly their obnoxious Vessels and Cargoes might become a Sacrifice to the Resentment of a much injured and exasperated People. The same Consideration might probably have induced them to appoint our Merchants their Agents to support the first heat of Action, rightly judging that if we would chastise our Friends with Whips, we should chastise their Factors with Scorpions. But if they can once open the Channel of Trade to themselves, they will hereafter ship their Teas in their own Bottoms. They have passed a gross Affront upon our Merchants in appointing such, whom we respect, Commissioners. Hereafter, if they succeed, they will send their own Factors and Creatures, establish Houses amongst US. Ship US all other East-India Goods ; and in order to full freight their Ships, take in other Kind of Goods at under Freight, or (more probably) ship them on their own accounts to their own Factors, and under-sell our Merchants, till they monopolize the whole Trade. Thus our Merchants are ruined, Ship Building ceases. They will then sell Goods at any exorbitant Price. Our Artificers will be unemployed, and every Tradesmen will groan under the dire Oppression. The East-India Company, if once they get Footing in this (once) happy Country, will leave no Stone unturned to become your Masters. They are an opulent Body, and Money or Credit is not wanting amongst them. They have a designing, depraved, and despotic Ministry to assist and support them. They themselves are well versed in tyranny, plunder, OPPRESSION and bloodshed. Whole Provinces labouring under the Distresses of Oppression, Slavery, Famine, and the Sword, are familiar to them. Thus they have enriched themselves,—thus they are become the most powerful Trading Company in the Universe. Be, therefore, my dear Fellow-Tradesmen, prudent,—be watchful,—be determined to let no Motive induce YOU to favour the accursed Scheme. Reject every Proposal, but a repealing act. Let not their baneful Commodity enter your City. Treat every Aidor or Abettor with Ignominy, Contempt, &c. and let your whole Deportment prove to the World, "THAT WE WILL BE FREE INDEED."

Philadelphia, December 4, 1773.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Journeycake (or Johnny Cake)


Grandmother to the wife of my 1st cousin 4 times removed John Edward Campbell, son of Rebecca Anne Lockhart and Robert Madison Campbell. Sally Williams Journeycake was the daughter of Abraham Williams and his wife whose maiden name was Castleman. She served as an interpreter for Methodist missionaries to the Wyandotte Indians in Ohio (her mother had been taken captive by Native Americans) and later for other missionaries in Kansas. Her son Charles Journeycake was the last chief of the Delaware Indians and made the trek from Ohio to Indian Territory (Kansas and later Oklahoma) as a boy. He was later also a Baptist minister. His wife was Jane Sosha. His grandchildren through his daughter Emeline "Emma" Journeycake and John Edward Campbell were Roberta, Robert, and Herbert. His great-grandchildren through this family (as many as I've found) are Edward Lawson and John Campbell. Edward's father was Eugene Lawson and John's mother was Flora Dougherty.

Friday, July 20, 2012

What you can do with a little thread and a flour sack


This  pillow was made from a flour sack and embroidered, I think. Anyhow, belonged to President Herbert Hoover, not sure who gave it to him, part of an exhibit of embroidered flour sacks from WWI at his presidential library. Not where I usually wind up when looking for cool embroidery!

I loved seeing what people had done with flour sacks. There was a cute set of bloomers made from flour sacks that said American Commission down one side, and another jacket made from flour sacks.

Some of it was quite amazing, but this was my favorite. I would not have guessed it was a pillow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Marie Antoinette Shoes

So the previous post got started because I came across those fabulous Christian Leboutin shoes that reference Marie Antoinette (the hideous thing around the ankle imitates her crazy hair style that incorporated a ship on top of a mass of hair). Anyhow, then today I found these shoes that are just lovely and sweet, seem to have a lower heel. Not that I'd wear these without losing some pounds, but, they are more in the realm of the possible! Those other things you need to be short and weigh 100 lbs to wear! Anyway. I adore these as well. Not sure who the designer is though. I think the powder blue are my favorites, but why wouldn't you just have one of each color?

Shoe Style

I recently discovered this French shoe designer, Christian Leboutin. Now, not that I could wear these shoes, but, I can appreciate them. They are so beautiful and feminine.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I don't usually do a post on movies, but I thought this warranted it. 9 is an animated movie (cgi animation I suppose) about an apocalypse that destroys humanity and all that's left are the creations of a scientist, little dolls that can think and talk and move, and machines that were created using his intellect that are capable of creating more machines. It's a classic tale of good (the dolls) versus evil (the metallic machines). It's very well done. The story is solid and it's beautiful to look at. In the special feature afterward they had considered making it silent (no talking) for the whole movie and not just the first little while. I think it would have been more powerful that way, but I understand that commercially some people would not have responded. Although, Wall-e was relatively silent and very successful (and a somewhat similar story in that machines seem to be the hope of the world and all that's left on a barren planet, find each other, their struggle to help each other, etc). 9 has a different feel, it's much darker and scarier. While I think you could watch Wall-E with a 4 or 5 year old I would not necessarily watch 9 with such young children. Though I think a 7 year old should be fine, there are some rather scary moments even for a 7 year old. 9 or 10 year olds for sure though. But it's very enjoyable for a teenager or an adult, I think. The music is quite incredible also (partly why you could have made the show silent, but also, it just would have been more haunting and to some extent, even though there's not tons of talking, it's almost a distraction, I think.) But I give this 2 thumbs up for sure. And for some people 9 would be a 5 star movie I think. It was at least a 4 star movie for me. Wall-E had a more powerful impact on my soul, I think, which is what made it 5 stars for me. This one comes very close.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

July Ancestors

These are people with "Jul" in their name somewhere, since July is named for Julius Caesar and most names with Jul in them come from a similar origin. I'm restricting this to people with a first and last name and who have a date of some sort associated with them and some sort of place. Leaving out anyone who might still be living and  here's what I've got in my genealogy databases:

Julian FitzMaurice                 born 1249 in Ireland
Anna Juliana Sauer               born 1688 in Germany
Julianna Maria Watnert         married 1772 in PA
Julianna or Juliett Pugh         married 1809 in WV
Caroline Julianne Peter         born 1811 in Ohio
Julia Ann Albin                    born 1823  in Indiana
Julia Ann Knauss                 born 1825 in PA
Julia Ann Graybill                born 1826 in Ohio
Julia Anne Bausch               born 1828 in Bavaria
Julia Murdock Baldwin        born 1831 in Utah (obviously the date and place don't match, she would have been born elsewhere, or, if in Utah, 1847 or later)
and her twin
Juliann M. Baldwin              born 1831 in Utah   (same for her twin)
Julia Ann Lockhart               born 1833 in Virginia
Julie or Julia Ann Triplett      born 1833 in Virginia
Julietta Everett                     married 1856 in Utah
Julia A. Shimp                    married 1878 in Virginia
Julietta Hudson                   born in 1850 in Utah 
Julia Baker                          born 1851 in Virginia
JuliaAnn Boyd                    born 1851 in Utah
Julia Ann Anderson             born 1853 in Virginia
Julia Monken                      born 1856 in Illinois
Julianna Osowski                born 1858 in Poland
Juliaette McMurray             born 1869 in Utah
Sarah Julia Fenn                  married 1894 in Iowa
Julia E. Lockhart                  born 1884 in Virginia
Julia Brule                          born 1886 in Nebraska
Julia Mae Chinn                   born 1886 in Missouri
Julia Ann Monken                 born 1892 in Illinois
Julia Elizabeth Jensen            born 1894 in Utah
Julia B. Foreman             married 1928 in Maryland
Julia Ellen Ziemer                  born 1911 in Nebraska
Julia Elizabeth Lockhart        born 1914 in Virginia

Julius Schneider                 born 1860 in Minnesota
Julius Upton Pugh                 born 1870 in Virginia
Julius Monken                      born 1880 in Illinois
Julius Welby Newton Hott    born 1884
and buried at Hott's Chapel
Julian Kaplon                       born 1899
and buried in Virginia
Julius Beverly Evans             born 1907 in Indiana
Walter Julian Lockhart          born 1921 in Virginia

There are so many Julia Anns. I wonder if in practice they went by Julia, Julie, or Julianne. Rather like the Mary Anns in my database. More often than not they went by Mary Ann and not Mary alone (or Polly, Molly, etc). I think double names used to be much more common - Sarah Ann may have gone by both and the middle name was not dropped the way it is nowadays.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Born and Died in July

These distant relatives were born and died in the month of July.

Lula May Anderson

Margaret Rebecca Hott
Sarah Maria Smith

None are my direct ancestors, but Margaret Rebecca Hott is my 1 cousin 6 times removed - we are both descended from Martin Fries and Catherine Shaull.

Lula May Anderson is my 1 cousin 3 times removed - we both are descended from Alfred Carper and Sarah Welch.

Sarah Maria Smith is my 5th cousin 3 times removed (how's that for distant relations?), both of us descend from Heinrich Frey and Anna Catherine Levering.