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Friday, April 20, 2012

Sydnor McDonald and Robert L. Baker - Commissioners for the North Frederick Turnpike Company

You will also notice that Sydnor McDonald had a storehouse. This was March 15, 1851.
He was married to Mary Jane Lockhart, daughter of Brigadier General Josiah Lockhart and Nancy O'Dell. She would be my 4th great-aunt (or 4th great-half-aunt as I come through Josiah and his second wife Elizabeth Caroline Triplett). She was half-sister to my 3rd great-grandfather James Madison Lockhart.

Robert L. Baker is more distantly related. His mother was Sarah Lockhart who married Joseph Baker. Her parents Major Robert Volney Lockhart and Margery Denny are my 5th great-grandparents. Sarah is my 5th great-aunt. Her son Robert L. Baker (later Colonel Robert L. Baker) is my 1st cousin 5 times removed.

From the book:

Acts of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia

page 100

Just to add asidenote of information I came across for Sydnor McDonald:

1860 Census

Sydnor McDonald, age 42, born in VA

Mary I. McDonald, age 40, born in Va

Lycurgus B. McDonald, age 14, born in VA

Sydnor C. McDonald, age 10, born in VA

Frederica A. R. McDonald, age 8, born in VA

Charles B. McDonald, age 6, born in VA

John F. McDonald, age 2 born in VA

There is also a Charles B. McDonald, age 28, merchant, born in VA listed living in the household that is listed immediately below that of Sydnor and Mary McDonald.