Thursday, August 10, 2017

Names That are Food for Thought this Thursday

 Perhaps you have heard of Scheherezade, the beautiful princess who tells a tale to the sultan that lasts 1,001
 Nights (the story, or stories, really, are often just called the Arabian Nights). She tells the story in such a way in order to preserve her life, as this sultan has the habit of killing his wife after his first night with her. Scheherezade, though, has better luck than most due to her clever storytelling that preserves her life. Well, here is a little feast of Babylonian names, and perhaps they will help give insight into the rather long and complicated name of Scheherezade.


A ha zu nu - Babylonian, meaning "their sister".

Aja ku zu ub ma tim - Babylonian, meaning "Aja is the splendor of the country".

E li e ri za - Babylonian, meaning "exalted is her planter".


A mur be li -  Babylonian, meaning "I saw my lord".

Di nam ili  - Babylonian, meaning "Judge, my God".

E a ra bi - Babylonian, meaning "Ea is great" (Ea is a Babylonian god).

Ha li lum- Babylonian, meaning "friend".

Ib ni shu ilu shu- Babylonian, meaning "His god has created him".