In 2014 I featured a series of blog posts introducing you to 2,014 names. For the most part they were names that were brand new to me as well. Some names may be more familiar but I found the meaning or origin or some other aspect of the name made it worthy of inclusion here. You may love some of the names, you may hate some, but hopefully you enjoy learning about all of them.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Anne Sullivan Macy

I thought this was a nice quote. What else can you do if you live a long life? And in the spirit of naming people perfectly, let's give Anne a new name. What do you think would suit her? Keep Sullivan and Macy and just change Anne. I think she'd make a fine Gwen, but I don't love the 'flow' with her middle and last names. Lenore matches how pretty she is. But Lenore Macy feels off. Blythe, maybe?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Miss Marietta Lockhart

Looking for someone in a painting for us to name I came across this painting entitled Miss Marietta Lockhart. I thought I would give Miss Marietta a middle name and an alternative as well. It's a nice painting, such a beautiful shade of blue! She has a nice aspect as well. Marietta Dorcas would be good, back in a time when names like Dorcas could be appreciated. It wouldn't go over so well now though. Maybe Marietta Bess. Yes I like that a lot. I could picture her with siblings: Ann, Lydia, Nora, Joseph, Albert, and Edgar.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Name this boy (and his dog)

I came across this photograph of a boy and his dog on Ebay. Thought it might be fun to give them both names. What would you choose? I think he looks like a Milton and his dog Dodger. Let's see, Milton Asher. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Name this woman

I thought it might be fun to name the woman in this painting by Millais. He only titled it Farmer's Daughter. What name might you give her?  Aurelie would be fantastic. Maybe Aurelie Manon?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Names to Accompany Sarek

For fellow Star Trek fans, here are some names to use in combination with Sarek, one of the better choices of names from Mr. Roddenberry.

Sarek Tiberius (if you're going full throttle into Federation territory)
Sarek Owen (if you can't decide whether you like Star Trek or Star Wars more)
Sarek Sagan (if you're just a die hard science junkie)
Sarek Ptolemy (if you're a step above the regular science junkie)
Sarek Galileo (because it's an awesome name)

Ian Sarek
Gage Sarek
Nathaniel Sarek
Othniel Sarek
Ray Sarek

Sarek Will Easton
Sarek Vernon Leo
Uriel Sarek Escher
Walter Sarek Andrew
Brody Casper Sarek
Adlai Thayer Sarek

Names for Sarek's Siblings

Be'lanna, Curie, Lorelei, Seleta, Erikur, Jory, Locke, Ryker

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Names to Accompany Otis

Otis Caleb
Otis Griffin
Otis Wolfgang - for the more daring namer
Otis Ned
Otis Algernon

Jonathan Otis
Lucian Otis
Sawyer Otis
Zebedee Otis
Jeppa Otis

Otis Philo Solomon
Otis Edgar Octavian
Theodore Otis Monroe
Graham Otis Alexander
Orion Bennett Otis
Jeremy Walter Otis

Siblings to Accompany Otis

Brenna, Mildred, Dinah, Greta, Ambrose, Wyatt, Houston, Ollie

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Names to Accompany Rowan

Rowan Estella
Rowan Cassandra
Rowan  Amethyst
Rowan Seneca
Rowan Isis

Faye Rowan
Gladys Rowan
Mackenzie Rowan
Natalie Rowan
Jessamy Rowan

Rowan Ashley Vivica
Rowan Bethany Angela
Cicely Rowan Tamara
Ardith Rowan Sarah
Tierney Bridget Rowan
Waverley Sasha Rowan

Rowan's siblings:

Nya, Lavandula, Ann, Genessee, Jessup, Aleck, Gage, Neil

Names to Accompany Atticus

Among name connoisseurs, Atticus seems to have found favor. I find it nice enough, though I'm not fanatic about it like some. Here are some names that go well with it.

Atticus William
Atticus Harrison
Atticus Nolan
Atticus Philo
Atticus Benajah

Callan Atticus
Henry Atticus
Joshua Atticus
Xavier Atticus
Grady Atticus

Atticus Edward Jonathan
Atticus Hugh Ernest
Kieran Atticus Leo
Milo Atticus Phelps
Benjamin Caleb Atticus
Joseph Kelly Atticus

Atticus' siblings:

Lorna, Sapphira, Sadie, Julia, Ian, Nathaniel, Reid, Thibault

Names to accompany Josette

Josette Aurora
Josette Constance
Josette Rebecca
Josette Aikaterini
Josette Elspeth

Philippa Josette
Chloe Josette
Aelinde Josette
Anabel Josette
Nallomy Josette

Josette Elizabeth Ann
Josette Felicity Claire
Velma Josette Cambria
Emmeline Josette Dacia
Lila Sadie Josette
Iris Gwenllian Josette

Josette's siblings:

Ceridwen, Deirdre, Florence, Celia, Ethan, Casey, Alexander, Ananias

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Names to Accompany Eamon

Eamon Rory
Eamon Joseph
Eamon Cyrus
Eamon Warrick
Eamon Heathcliff

Bradley Eamon
Sawyer Eamon
Theodore Eamon
Atticus Eamon
Callister Eamon

Eamon Branok Phineas
Eamon Phillip Zachary
Alfred Eamon Charles
Xavier Eamon Jules
Macaulay Saleius Eamon

Names for Eamon's siblings

Molly, Darcy, Nisaea, Victoria, Thaddeus, Cedric, Vincent, Zhirayr

Monday, January 5, 2015

Names to Accompany Talitha

Talitha is one of the names I featured in my series of posts on unusual names last year.

Talitha Rumer
Talitha Jane
Talitha Madison
Talitha Charlotte
Talitha Keely

Lily Talitha
Claire Talitha
Branwen Talitha
Jordan Talitha
Sarai Talitha

Talitha Josie Carmen
Talitha Jessalyn Damaris
Arielle Talitha Novalee
Marie Talitha Christine
Aikaterini Eleydis Talitha

Names for Talitha's siblings

Idony, Avery, Priscilla, Ann, Jonas, Christopher, Anakin, Aias

Names to Accompany Habakkuk

There are names and then there are names. On the list of 'coolest names ever' Habakkuk would have a guaranteed spot.

Habakkuk Michael 
Habakkuk Leo
Habakkuk Elliott
Habakkuk Zedekiah 
Habakkuk Qulitalik

Avram Habakkuk
Oscar Habakkuk
Xerxes Habakkuk -- Xerxes may be one of the few names able to rival Habakkuk in level of 'coolness'.
Griffin Habakkuk
Jarom Habakkuk

Habakkuk Jonah Lehi
Habakkuk Morris Jeptha
Benoni Habakkuk Elisha
Nicholas Habakkuk Jude
Christopher Ulysses Habakkuk
Victor Zebedee Habakkuk

Names for Habakkuk's siblings

Isis, Noor, Rhea, Zipporah, Maya, Lycaon, Philo, Xavier, Daniel, Tecumseh

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Names to Accompany Jacintha

Jacintha was one of the first names I chose to feature in my 2,014 Names in 2014 and remains one of my favorite names that appeared in the series. Here are names to use in conjunction with Jacintha.

Jacintha Amy
Jacintha Briony
Jacintha Ondine
Jacintha Phoebe
Jacintha Fallon

Chloe Jacintha
Maren Jacintha
Gretel Jacintha
Dido Jacintha
Nell Jacintha

Jacintha Daphnae Amber
Jacintha Helen May
Polly Jacintha Lauren
Nike Jacintha Aberdeen
Paget Nallomy Jacintha
Caitlin Elyse Jacintha

Names for Jacintha's siblings

Faith, Gwendolyn, Isla, Jillian, Neil, Jaron, Hayden, Matthias

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Names to Accompany Hiram

Hiram was featured in my 4th blog post of the 2,014 Names in 2014 post series. It's a good Biblical name and for Mormons, a nice tribute to their pioneer heritage.

So here are a variety of names you can pair with Hiram if you want to use that for your son's name, or if you are trying to decide what to name your son's brother or sister.

Hiram Avery
Hiram Andrew
Hiram Jesse
Hiram Dawson
Hiram Ethric

Bradley Hiram
James Hiram
Joshua Hiram
Justice Hiram
Reed Hiram

Hiram Colt Gideon
Hiram Taylor Dillon
Phillip Hiram Walker
Atticus Hiram Dexter
Caleb Porter Hiram
Matthew Idris Hiram

Names for a sibling to Hiram:

Issachar, Darius, Davis, Lawson, Rebecca, Journey, Keturah, Hallie

Names to accompany Abdiel

Abdiel was a name featured in last years blog series on unusual names. I think it is absolutely usable in today's world. Here are names that I think are complimentary to Abdiel.

Abdiel Francis
- meaning wise this would be "servant of God, a freeman"
Abdiel Theodore
meaning would be "servant of God, gift of God"
Abdiel Victor
meaning would be "servant of God, victor"
Abdiel Xavier
meaning would be "servant of God, Savior"
Abdiel Rory
Abdiel Caius

Felix Abdiel
Jasper Abdiel
Zachary Abdiel
Graeme Abdiel
Sarek Abdiel
Welles Abdiel

Abdiel Brooke Loren
Abdiel Darius Aaron
Silas Abdiel Tate
Elisha Abdiel Matthew
Grisham Elliott Abdiel
Hudson Pierce Abdiel

Sibling Names to Accompany Abdiel

Sarah, Hazel, Liv, Caelia, Isaiah, Newton, Easton, Zaccheus

Friday, January 2, 2015

Names to accompany Ocean

Ocean was a name featured last year during my series of posts on very unusual or interesting names. It's a name I think works in today's world, even if it is quite different from most names.

See if any of these possibilities appeal to you:

Ocean Talitha
Ocean Phaedra
Ocean Alisande
Ocean Aubrey
Ocean Cadence - I don't always like a first and middle name being a descriptive pair like these are, but in this case I do like it. I don't usually like the name Cadence but I do like it here.

Delilah Ocean
Iris Ocean (yes, another descriptive pair, but I may like this even more than the Ocean Cadence)
Rihanna Ocean
Selene Ocean
Catalina Ocean (I don't always go for paired names that are an actual location, well, there may not be a 'Catalina Ocean' but the fact that it is in the ocean is enough. However, I really just like this one.)

Ocean Everly Nya
Ocean Melissa Hayley
Jessica Ocean Grace
Natalya Ocean Aurora
Laurel Sadie Ocean
Faith Irina Ocean

These would make great sibling names to a girl named Ocean:

Penelope, Amber, Candace, Odette, Eric, Oliver, Thaddeus, Hawke

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Names to accompany Fallon

Fallon was one of the first names I featured in my 2,014 Names in 2014 post series. I think it's unique yet recognizable, easy to spell and pronounce, and modern. So to kick off the new series of posts I will be doing in 2015 - in which I plan to feature specific names from last year's series of name posts along with names that go well with them - here are some names to accompany Fallon.

Fallon Hadassah - if you don't mind mixing Irish and Hebrew. I think they are a wonderful compliment to each other
Fallon Emily
Fallon Ingrid
Fallon Penelope
Fallon Samantha

Zoe Fallon
Anika Fallon
Elizabeth Fallon
Genoa Fallon
Julie Fallon

Fallon Emery Vanessa
Fallon Melanie Truth
Brittney Fallon Enya
Cicely Fallon Antoinette
Lila Natalie Fallon
Rebeckah Chantilly Fallon
Drew Linnea Fallon

Fallon would go great with these sibling names:

Katie, Paige, Rue, Tabitha, Warner, Aleck, Grant, Idris