Saturday, January 3, 2015

Names to accompany Abdiel

Abdiel was a name featured in last years blog series on unusual names. I think it is absolutely usable in today's world. Here are names that I think are complimentary to Abdiel.

Abdiel Francis
- meaning wise this would be "servant of God, a freeman"
Abdiel Theodore
meaning would be "servant of God, gift of God"
Abdiel Victor
meaning would be "servant of God, victor"
Abdiel Xavier
meaning would be "servant of God, Savior"
Abdiel Rory
Abdiel Caius

Felix Abdiel
Jasper Abdiel
Zachary Abdiel
Graeme Abdiel
Sarek Abdiel
Welles Abdiel

Abdiel Brooke Loren
Abdiel Darius Aaron
Silas Abdiel Tate
Elisha Abdiel Matthew
Grisham Elliott Abdiel
Hudson Pierce Abdiel

Sibling Names to Accompany Abdiel

Sarah, Hazel, Liv, Caelia, Isaiah, Newton, Easton, Zaccheus

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