Sunday, January 4, 2015

Names to Accompany Jacintha

Jacintha was one of the first names I chose to feature in my 2,014 Names in 2014 and remains one of my favorite names that appeared in the series. Here are names to use in conjunction with Jacintha.

Jacintha Amy
Jacintha Briony
Jacintha Ondine
Jacintha Phoebe
Jacintha Fallon

Chloe Jacintha
Maren Jacintha
Gretel Jacintha
Dido Jacintha
Nell Jacintha

Jacintha Daphnae Amber
Jacintha Helen May
Polly Jacintha Lauren
Nike Jacintha Aberdeen
Paget Nallomy Jacintha
Caitlin Elyse Jacintha

Names for Jacintha's siblings

Faith, Gwendolyn, Isla, Jillian, Neil, Jaron, Hayden, Matthias

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