In 2014 I featured a series of blog posts introducing you to 2,014 names. For the most part they were names that were brand new to me as well. Some names may be more familiar but I found the meaning or origin or some other aspect of the name made it worthy of inclusion here. You may love some of the names, you may hate some, but hopefully you enjoy learning about all of them.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Names to Accompany Habakkuk

There are names and then there are names. On the list of 'coolest names ever' Habakkuk would have a guaranteed spot.

Habakkuk Michael 
Habakkuk Leo
Habakkuk Elliott
Habakkuk Zedekiah 
Habakkuk Qulitalik

Avram Habakkuk
Oscar Habakkuk
Xerxes Habakkuk -- Xerxes may be one of the few names able to rival Habakkuk in level of 'coolness'.
Griffin Habakkuk
Jarom Habakkuk

Habakkuk Jonah Lehi
Habakkuk Morris Jeptha
Benoni Habakkuk Elisha
Nicholas Habakkuk Jude
Christopher Ulysses Habakkuk
Victor Zebedee Habakkuk

Names for Habakkuk's siblings

Isis, Noor, Rhea, Zipporah, Maya, Lycaon, Philo, Xavier, Daniel, Tecumseh

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