Saturday, January 3, 2015

Names to Accompany Hiram

Hiram was featured in my 4th blog post of the 2,014 Names in 2014 post series. It's a good Biblical name and for Mormons, a nice tribute to their pioneer heritage.

So here are a variety of names you can pair with Hiram if you want to use that for your son's name, or if you are trying to decide what to name your son's brother or sister.

Hiram Avery
Hiram Andrew
Hiram Jesse
Hiram Dawson
Hiram Ethric

Bradley Hiram
James Hiram
Joshua Hiram
Justice Hiram
Reed Hiram

Hiram Colt Gideon
Hiram Taylor Dillon
Phillip Hiram Walker
Atticus Hiram Dexter
Caleb Porter Hiram
Matthew Idris Hiram

Names for a sibling to Hiram:

Issachar, Darius, Davis, Lawson, Rebecca, Journey, Keturah, Hallie

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