In 2014 I featured a series of blog posts introducing you to 2,014 names. For the most part they were names that were brand new to me as well. Some names may be more familiar but I found the meaning or origin or some other aspect of the name made it worthy of inclusion here. You may love some of the names, you may hate some, but hopefully you enjoy learning about all of them.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Barbara Dellit's Family

This is information I found on my ancestor, Barbara Dellit. For me this is very meaningful because I was named for my grandmother who was named for her great-grandmother Barbara Dellit. But though I had some information on her, a brother and a sister, I did not know who her parents were. I was so excited to find this tonight. I started avidly pursuing genealogy about 13 years ago out of an interest to know more about her, so it is nice to finally achieve what I set out to do. I still want to know more (not unlike any addiction, you just always need more) of course, and look forward to filling in the gaps of knowledge you'll see below. I've listed the sources the website gave at the end of this post.

Henry Dellett born in France
John Adam Dellett born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania March 22, 1780 (for me this is special as my grandmother Dellitt's birthday was March 23) and baptized in the First Reformed Church in Lancaster on March 27, 1780
first wife
married about 1802 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
their son
George Dellett born August 11, 1804 * see note below
second wife
Barbara Stokerman married Mar 4, 1804* see note
their children
Elizabeth Dellett (yes, the reverse of my name. Makes me wonder if grandma wasn't named for her instead of Barbara) born in Lancaster Pennsylvania Oct 16, 1805
Sophia Dellett born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania Sep 1, 1808 married Christian Amstutz (also written as Amstead or Olmstead) who was born in Switzerland
Anna Maria Dellett born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania May 25, 1814
Mary Barbara Dellett born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania Nov 12, 1819

Mary Barbara is my ancestor. I did not have the first name Mary before.

*Note to George Dellett and marriage date for John and Barbara
You'll see that George's birthdate is later than the marriage for John and Barbara though his mother is Elizabeth. I need to establish which data is correct and which is not here, as perhaps George's birth year is different? 1803 instead of 1804? Or perhaps he was the son of John and Barbara or perhaps the marriage date for John and Barbara is not correct (1805 instead of 1804?)

The website also lists another son for Henry Dellett named Adam Dellett giving a birthdate of 1780 (seems unlikely if John Adam was born then) and born in France. Married Nov 14, 1799 in St. Mary's Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Maria Magdalena Stockslager, born 1775 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania died Apr 9, 1834 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Daughter of Johanes Adam "John" Stockslager (born 4 Aug 1743 in Bally, Berks County, Pennsylvania) and Catherine (or Catharina) Gardener (or Godner). Adam's occupation is listed as sexton of the First Reformed Church. Adam and Maria had the following 7 children, all born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania:

John Dellet b: 5 Sep 1800 and christened: 11 Sep 1800 in First Reformed Church in Lancaster
Susan Dellet b: 14 Nov 1802
Adam Dellet b: 21 Nov 1804
Jacob Dellet b: 6 Jul 1807
Henry Dellet b: 18 Dec 1809
George Dellet b: 12 Jun 1812
William Dellet b: 17 Sep 1815

In addition to this, I have seen a photocopy of two photos of siblings of Barbara Dellit. One is her brother John Dellit and his wife. The other is of a sister married to Ben Amstutz. I'm not sure if Christian Amstutz might have had Ben as part of a first or middle name (such as Benjamin) or if Ben was perhaps a brother, cousin, or no relation.

Sources: 1810 Census for Manor Township in Lancaster County, PA, 1800, 1810, 1820,and 1830 Census for Lancaster Borough, Lancaster County, PA

Obviously not the sources for all of the information above, but the only ones listed on the website. More research is necessary to provide proof of these details.

Theodore B. Wingerter

Here is information I obtained on Theodore B. Wingerter's family a few years ago. Sorry I am just now posting this.

from WWI Draft Registration

Akron, Summit County, Ohio
Theodore Wingerter
Birth Date: 22 Dec 1882

from 1930 Census for Orrville, Wayne County, Ohio

Theodore Wingerter age 49
Rosella Wingerter age 49 (wife)
Loretta Wingerter age 19 (daughter)
Howard Wingerter age 12 (son)
Roy Wingerter age 11 (son)
Glen Wingerter age 8 (son)

Social Security Death Index

Rosella Wingerter
Born 19 Oct 1883
Died Oct 1973

from Ohio Deaths 1908-1932, 1938-1944, 1958-2002

Theodor B. Wingerter
Death Date: 23 Feb 1965
Orrville, Wayne County
Certifier: Physician
Autopsy: Yes
Marital status: Married

Rosella Wingerter
Death Date: 31 Oct 1973
Wooster Community Hospital
Wooster, Wayne County
Age: 90
Certifier: Physician
Autopsy: No

Roy A. Wingerter
Born: 9 Dec 1919
Akron, Summit County, Ohio
Died 19 Jul 2000
2:33 a.m.
Wooster Community Hospital
Wooster, Wayne County
Age 80
Certifier Physician
Marital Status Married
Education 12
In U.S. Army

U.S. Public Records Index

Howard J. Wingerter
Birth Date: Sep 1917
85 N Kansas Rd.
Orrville, Wayne County, Ohio 44667
phone 330
Est. age: 90
Howard J. Wingerter est. age 46 birth year 1961
Jeannette Wingerter age 82 birth year 1925

Roy A. Wingerter
1217 N Crown Hill Rd.
Orrville, Wayne, Ohio 44667
Phone 330-682-7393
Est. age 87
Viola M. Wingerter est. age 82 birth year 1925

Note on Howard J. Wingerter - there are obviously two, an elder and a junior. Father and son. Jeanette Wingerter would be the wife of the elder and mother to the younger. I believe. Wingerter being her married name of course (maiden name was Law, and I have found her elsewhere as Janet not Jeanette).

Friday, January 27, 2012


I don't think I have posted this information I found on some distantly related Buncutters.

1880 Census for Stonewall, Frederick County, Virginia

Family of M.L. Buncutter and wife Catharine

M. L. Buncutter age 47 occupation: cooper
Catharine (wife) age 44 occupation: keeping house
John F. (son) age 23
Jas. M (son) age 20
Mary C. (daughter) age 18
Sarah J. (daughter) age 14
Rachael A. (daughter) age 11
Eva R. (daughter) age 9
Wm. A. (son) age 5
Roland L. (son) age 2

1910 Census for Stonewall, Frederick County, Virginia

Roland L. Buncutter age 33 born in Virginia and parents born in Virginia
Lena (wife) age 23 born in Virginia, parents born in Virginia

1920 Census for Stonewall, Frederick County, Virginia

Mary A. Barrett age 65 widowed
Roland L. Buncutter (son in law) age 44
Anna M. Buncutter (daughter in law) age 9 7/12
Harry L. Buncutter (son in law) age 5 4/12

Anna's age would be 7 months past her ninth birthday and Harry's would be 4 months past his fifth birthday. Though it lists Anna and Harry as daughter and son in law, what is correct is that they were her grandchildren. Mary A. Barrett was the mother of Mary Salena Barrett, Roland's wife, and therefore grandmother to Anna and Harry. Mary A. Barrett was Mary A. Wingerter, daughter of John Wingerter and Barbara Dellit. She was my 3rd great aunt.

Roland L. Buncutter married Mary Salena Barrett (known as Lena). Mary Salena Barrett is my 1st cousin, 3 times removed (1st cousin because it is just one generation past her parents to our common ancestor and 3 times removed because I have to go back 3 generation from my own to reach hers (she was a contemporary, therefore, of my great-grandmother - 1 generation being my mother, 2 being my grandmother, and 3 being her mother, Ada May Wingerter). She would have been first cousin to my great-grandmother.

In addition, Roland's sister Eva might also be the Eva Elizabeth Buncutter (daughter of Matthew Buncutter and wife Katherine - you can see how M.L. Buncutter could be Matthew and wife Catharine could be Eva's mother Katherine) who married Mary Salena's brother Clarence. It was common for brothers or sisters to marry the sibling of someone who had already married into their family. If that is the case, I'm not sure if the R. should be an E. or if she might have had two middle names. I have yet to establish all this for sure, but it is what makes sense to me.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Names - Just for the Fun of It

One of my favorite hobbies is personal names. I like learning the history of names and how they change, the variants in different countries or various pronunciations, nicknames, etc. And coming up with combinations of first and middle names, compiling lists of names I like or of unusual names. It's a lot of fun. There are actually a lot of name sites out there if this sort of thing interests you. The Social Security Administration puts out a list of the 1000 most popular names each year in mid-may. You can see how a name has risen or fallen in popularity since 1880 or see how popular a name is for a girl versus a boy (Hayden is more popular for boys, for instance, but has become pretty popular for girls as well, if not yet quite as popular as for boys). You can see the most popular names in your own state as well. Another good site is babyzone where you can post questions about names or make comments on the message board as well as create polls to get people's opinions on a name. Sites I like to visit that I consider to give good information on names as far as pronunciation, origin, meaning, history, variants, etc. are babynamesworld, behindthename, babynamespedia, babynamewizard,and appellation mountain. Appellation does a name of the day where the author goes into detail about the name, her thoughts on it, comparisons, etc. Babynamewizard has a nice little thing that generates the perfect sibling names to go with a name you type in. Behind the name has the most detailed information on etymology and origin and history and usage, but babynamespedia I find very reliable for this and it explains the pronunciation somewhat better sometimes but mainly, it has very neat charts that show how popular a name is and compare it to similar names and how popular they are, including names that sound similar. So if you like Ava but want something less popular, this is a great site, you can either find a variant that is less popular or a name that sounds similar even if they have different origins, or just a variant spelling. My favorite chart they do though is one that draws lines showing how variants relate to each other. Where does Ellie come from? Is it a nickname for Elizabeth? Is it a nickname for something else? Is it related to any boy names? It's a fabulous chart. Either this site or babynamewizard shows a names popularity over the last hundred years, also a very cool chart (more visual than what the social security administration offers). I actually wind up using babynamesword the most, next to babyzone, though, because of the very cool features it has for looking up names. If I want to find a name ending in ty, I can search for that, one of Hungarian origin, that, of a certain popularity, number of syllables, that begins with y or contains y, etc, and etc. It gives the origins, pronunciation, meaning, historical information (like Dominic was traditionally given to babies born on Sunday) and still gives you a list of similar names, either derived from the same origin, nicknames, or just sounds similar, you can also type in a name and it will give a bunch of names that go with that name, both boy and girl if you are looking for a sibling name or if you want the perfect middle name. You can also see what people think of a name, how popular it is, etc. you can search for names that mean rose (or whatever), search only for girl names, boy names, or both, and when it lists a name, there's a hand little symbol that tells you if it's considered a girl name, a boy name, or a name for both.

That's my rundown of my favorite naming sites. I haven't really been looking for new sites or I'm sure I'd have a bunch more to share. Wikipedia is also handy for learning about names. Type it in and you will get origin, etymology, history, as well as be able to see who the famous people are with that name (behind the name has a nice feature for this as well).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is this Samuel Lockhart a relative?

That's what I'm trying to determine. This Samuel Lockhart who was in Augusta County, Virginia in the 1740s, is he in any way related to my 5th great grandfather Major Robert Lockhart who lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and later Frederick County, Virginia (owning a tavern in Timber Ridge and a farm in Round Hill, in Loudoun County, Virginia as well as land in Adams County, Ohio)? That is what I have yet to figure out.

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia: extracted ..., Volume 3 By Augusta County (Va.), Lyman Chalkley

page 441, 497

I think it's interesting to notice how place names were spelt back then. Shanandore and Shanando are closer to how my mother pronounces Shenandoah than that spelling would suggest. I say "shehn ahn doe uh" just like someone not from the area, saying the word based on the letters I see. My mother says "Shanandore" or "Shanando", absolutely, 40+ years in Utah wearing her Virginia accent down will not erase certain things. Thank God. I will be glad if in 30 years someone can detect I am from Southern Utah by the way I say Escalante, Salina, Levan, and creek. The beautiful thing for how Shenandoah is perhaps supposed to be pronounced is that it is probably closer to the original Shawnee way than my modern interpretation. That, of course, is all beside the point of whether or not Samuel Lockhart is my relative or no.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Edgar Miller Streit, Martha E., and Ada B. Streit - Research I did in 2005 or 2006

Let me start by telling you how I'm related to these folks. Edgar and Ada Streit are my 1st cousins, 3 times removed.
Like this:
Dellitt Elizabeth Wilson (me)>my mom>her mom Dellitt Elizabeth Jenkins>her mom Ada May Wingerter (1st cousin of Edgar and Ada Streit)>her father David Wingerter (Ada and Edgar's uncle)>his parents John Wingerter and Barbara Dellitt

Edgar and Ada Streit>Catherine D. Wingerter (David's younger sister)>John Wingerter and Barbara Dellit

First cousins because there is just one intervening generation between Edgar and Ada and our common ancestors, John and Barbara Wingerter. 3 times removed because first cousins not removed are the same generation, once removed are the children or parents of your first cousin, and twice removed are the grandchildren or grandparents of your first cousins, and 3 times removed if they are the great grandchildren or great grandparents of your first cousin.

Obviously, I'm only related to Martha through her marriage to Edgar.

Notice that Streit is spelled a few different ways in these sources: Street and Strite besides Streit.

Edgar Miller Street
WWI Draft Registration
from Frederick County, Virginia
born 30 Jun 1873, age 45 when he registered
Occupation: Merchant
Place of business: 6 North Main Street
Winchester, Virginia
Nearest relative: Martha E. Streit
415 N Main
Winchester, VA

Edgar M. Strite - age 36 in the 1910 Census for Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia
Martha E. Strite - his wife, age 42, her father was from West Virginia and mother from Virginia according to this census

The couple appears again in the 1920 and 1930 censuses.

Ada B. Streit, Edgar's sister
1910 Census for Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia
she is 26 years old and living at home with her parents and single

She still lives with parents and is single in the 1920 Census as well.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Benjamin F. and Rebecca M. Carter (my 1st cousin 5 times removed) - Defendants

This is just a small decision in a case brought against Rebecca and her husband. Basically, it just decides that the whole case should be tried in state court, rather than allowing one person to have just that part of the case pertaining to them tried in federal court. It looks like they would have gotten their way, except the law that permitted such separation was repealed. This issue was part of a case by creditors of Benjamin and Rebecca seeking to sell the land in order to pay their debt to them (the Atlantic and Virginia Fertilizer Company). I just think this is a great example of how you can find genealogy information in sources you might not have thought about. For instance, if you were looking for a death date for someone, this would help establish that it was probably after the date the suit was brought. It also establishes that Benjamin and Rebecca lived in Virginia, it gives information on property that they owned as well as leased to a company Rebecca and Benjamin say that the Marble company defaulted on its lease and therefore forfeited the rights established by the lease.), and the fact that they needed to sell that land in order to pay their creditor. Since we know who the creditor was, we can surmise what sort of business they were in (farming of some sort), and due to the company they leased to leasing the property to develop a quarry, we can also know more about the land they owned.