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Friday, January 27, 2012


I don't think I have posted this information I found on some distantly related Buncutters.

1880 Census for Stonewall, Frederick County, Virginia

Family of M.L. Buncutter and wife Catharine

M. L. Buncutter age 47 occupation: cooper
Catharine (wife) age 44 occupation: keeping house
John F. (son) age 23
Jas. M (son) age 20
Mary C. (daughter) age 18
Sarah J. (daughter) age 14
Rachael A. (daughter) age 11
Eva R. (daughter) age 9
Wm. A. (son) age 5
Roland L. (son) age 2

1910 Census for Stonewall, Frederick County, Virginia

Roland L. Buncutter age 33 born in Virginia and parents born in Virginia
Lena (wife) age 23 born in Virginia, parents born in Virginia

1920 Census for Stonewall, Frederick County, Virginia

Mary A. Barrett age 65 widowed
Roland L. Buncutter (son in law) age 44
Anna M. Buncutter (daughter in law) age 9 7/12
Harry L. Buncutter (son in law) age 5 4/12

Anna's age would be 7 months past her ninth birthday and Harry's would be 4 months past his fifth birthday. Though it lists Anna and Harry as daughter and son in law, what is correct is that they were her grandchildren. Mary A. Barrett was the mother of Mary Salena Barrett, Roland's wife, and therefore grandmother to Anna and Harry. Mary A. Barrett was Mary A. Wingerter, daughter of John Wingerter and Barbara Dellit. She was my 3rd great aunt.

Roland L. Buncutter married Mary Salena Barrett (known as Lena). Mary Salena Barrett is my 1st cousin, 3 times removed (1st cousin because it is just one generation past her parents to our common ancestor and 3 times removed because I have to go back 3 generation from my own to reach hers (she was a contemporary, therefore, of my great-grandmother - 1 generation being my mother, 2 being my grandmother, and 3 being her mother, Ada May Wingerter). She would have been first cousin to my great-grandmother.

In addition, Roland's sister Eva might also be the Eva Elizabeth Buncutter (daughter of Matthew Buncutter and wife Katherine - you can see how M.L. Buncutter could be Matthew and wife Catharine could be Eva's mother Katherine) who married Mary Salena's brother Clarence. It was common for brothers or sisters to marry the sibling of someone who had already married into their family. If that is the case, I'm not sure if the R. should be an E. or if she might have had two middle names. I have yet to establish all this for sure, but it is what makes sense to me.

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