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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Edgar Miller Streit, Martha E., and Ada B. Streit - Research I did in 2005 or 2006

Let me start by telling you how I'm related to these folks. Edgar and Ada Streit are my 1st cousins, 3 times removed.
Like this:
Dellitt Elizabeth Wilson (me)>my mom>her mom Dellitt Elizabeth Jenkins>her mom Ada May Wingerter (1st cousin of Edgar and Ada Streit)>her father David Wingerter (Ada and Edgar's uncle)>his parents John Wingerter and Barbara Dellitt

Edgar and Ada Streit>Catherine D. Wingerter (David's younger sister)>John Wingerter and Barbara Dellit

First cousins because there is just one intervening generation between Edgar and Ada and our common ancestors, John and Barbara Wingerter. 3 times removed because first cousins not removed are the same generation, once removed are the children or parents of your first cousin, and twice removed are the grandchildren or grandparents of your first cousins, and 3 times removed if they are the great grandchildren or great grandparents of your first cousin.

Obviously, I'm only related to Martha through her marriage to Edgar.

Notice that Streit is spelled a few different ways in these sources: Street and Strite besides Streit.

Edgar Miller Street
WWI Draft Registration
from Frederick County, Virginia
born 30 Jun 1873, age 45 when he registered
Occupation: Merchant
Place of business: 6 North Main Street
Winchester, Virginia
Nearest relative: Martha E. Streit
415 N Main
Winchester, VA

Edgar M. Strite - age 36 in the 1910 Census for Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia
Martha E. Strite - his wife, age 42, her father was from West Virginia and mother from Virginia according to this census

The couple appears again in the 1920 and 1930 censuses.

Ada B. Streit, Edgar's sister
1910 Census for Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia
she is 26 years old and living at home with her parents and single

She still lives with parents and is single in the 1920 Census as well.

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