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Monday, January 30, 2012

Theodore B. Wingerter

Here is information I obtained on Theodore B. Wingerter's family a few years ago. Sorry I am just now posting this.

from WWI Draft Registration

Akron, Summit County, Ohio
Theodore Wingerter
Birth Date: 22 Dec 1882

from 1930 Census for Orrville, Wayne County, Ohio

Theodore Wingerter age 49
Rosella Wingerter age 49 (wife)
Loretta Wingerter age 19 (daughter)
Howard Wingerter age 12 (son)
Roy Wingerter age 11 (son)
Glen Wingerter age 8 (son)

Social Security Death Index

Rosella Wingerter
Born 19 Oct 1883
Died Oct 1973

from Ohio Deaths 1908-1932, 1938-1944, 1958-2002

Theodor B. Wingerter
Death Date: 23 Feb 1965
Orrville, Wayne County
Certifier: Physician
Autopsy: Yes
Marital status: Married

Rosella Wingerter
Death Date: 31 Oct 1973
Wooster Community Hospital
Wooster, Wayne County
Age: 90
Certifier: Physician
Autopsy: No

Roy A. Wingerter
Born: 9 Dec 1919
Akron, Summit County, Ohio
Died 19 Jul 2000
2:33 a.m.
Wooster Community Hospital
Wooster, Wayne County
Age 80
Certifier Physician
Marital Status Married
Education 12
In U.S. Army

U.S. Public Records Index

Howard J. Wingerter
Birth Date: Sep 1917
85 N Kansas Rd.
Orrville, Wayne County, Ohio 44667
phone 330
Est. age: 90
Howard J. Wingerter est. age 46 birth year 1961
Jeannette Wingerter age 82 birth year 1925

Roy A. Wingerter
1217 N Crown Hill Rd.
Orrville, Wayne, Ohio 44667
Phone 330-682-7393
Est. age 87
Viola M. Wingerter est. age 82 birth year 1925

Note on Howard J. Wingerter - there are obviously two, an elder and a junior. Father and son. Jeanette Wingerter would be the wife of the elder and mother to the younger. I believe. Wingerter being her married name of course (maiden name was Law, and I have found her elsewhere as Janet not Jeanette).

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