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Monday, January 30, 2012

Barbara Dellit's Family

This is information I found on my ancestor, Barbara Dellit. For me this is very meaningful because I was named for my grandmother who was named for her great-grandmother Barbara Dellit. But though I had some information on her, a brother and a sister, I did not know who her parents were. I was so excited to find this tonight. I started avidly pursuing genealogy about 13 years ago out of an interest to know more about her, so it is nice to finally achieve what I set out to do. I still want to know more (not unlike any addiction, you just always need more) of course, and look forward to filling in the gaps of knowledge you'll see below. I've listed the sources the website gave at the end of this post.

Henry Dellett born in France
John Adam Dellett born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania March 22, 1780 (for me this is special as my grandmother Dellitt's birthday was March 23) and baptized in the First Reformed Church in Lancaster on March 27, 1780
first wife
married about 1802 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
their son
George Dellett born August 11, 1804 * see note below
second wife
Barbara Stokerman married Mar 4, 1804* see note
their children
Elizabeth Dellett (yes, the reverse of my name. Makes me wonder if grandma wasn't named for her instead of Barbara) born in Lancaster Pennsylvania Oct 16, 1805
Sophia Dellett born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania Sep 1, 1808 married Christian Amstutz (also written as Amstead or Olmstead) who was born in Switzerland
Anna Maria Dellett born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania May 25, 1814
Mary Barbara Dellett born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania Nov 12, 1819

Mary Barbara is my ancestor. I did not have the first name Mary before.

*Note to George Dellett and marriage date for John and Barbara
You'll see that George's birthdate is later than the marriage for John and Barbara though his mother is Elizabeth. I need to establish which data is correct and which is not here, as perhaps George's birth year is different? 1803 instead of 1804? Or perhaps he was the son of John and Barbara or perhaps the marriage date for John and Barbara is not correct (1805 instead of 1804?)

The website also lists another son for Henry Dellett named Adam Dellett giving a birthdate of 1780 (seems unlikely if John Adam was born then) and born in France. Married Nov 14, 1799 in St. Mary's Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Maria Magdalena Stockslager, born 1775 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania died Apr 9, 1834 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Daughter of Johanes Adam "John" Stockslager (born 4 Aug 1743 in Bally, Berks County, Pennsylvania) and Catherine (or Catharina) Gardener (or Godner). Adam's occupation is listed as sexton of the First Reformed Church. Adam and Maria had the following 7 children, all born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania:

John Dellet b: 5 Sep 1800 and christened: 11 Sep 1800 in First Reformed Church in Lancaster
Susan Dellet b: 14 Nov 1802
Adam Dellet b: 21 Nov 1804
Jacob Dellet b: 6 Jul 1807
Henry Dellet b: 18 Dec 1809
George Dellet b: 12 Jun 1812
William Dellet b: 17 Sep 1815

In addition to this, I have seen a photocopy of two photos of siblings of Barbara Dellit. One is her brother John Dellit and his wife. The other is of a sister married to Ben Amstutz. I'm not sure if Christian Amstutz might have had Ben as part of a first or middle name (such as Benjamin) or if Ben was perhaps a brother, cousin, or no relation.

Sources: 1810 Census for Manor Township in Lancaster County, PA, 1800, 1810, 1820,and 1830 Census for Lancaster Borough, Lancaster County, PA

Obviously not the sources for all of the information above, but the only ones listed on the website. More research is necessary to provide proof of these details.

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