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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Laura Mae Wingerter

1910 Census
Laura M. Shoup age 23
David J Shoup age 26 (spouse)
Lee D. Shoup age 2 (son)

1920 Census for Green, Wayne County, Ohio

Hayes Adams age 39 born in Virginia, parents born in Virginia
May Adams age 33 born in Ohio
Leo Shoup age 12 born in Ohio
Hilda F. Shoup age 9 born in Ohio
Irvin C. Shoup age 7 born in Ohio

1930 Census for Massilon, Stark County, Ohio

living at a boarding house Hilda Shoup age 19

My theory is this: that Laura Mae Wingerter and May Adams are the same person. In which case the three Shoup children in the 1920 census are her children from her first marriage to David Ira Shoup (the J in the 1910 census should probably be an I). She would have married Hayes Adams after her husband David was killed by a train in 1912 (he and his father were both killed by a train on Oct 18).

I have in my records, though, that Abram and Nancy had an infant daughter named Laura Mae. I haven't puzzled this out entirely. But that's what I have so far.

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