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Thursday, February 9, 2012

William Carper Sr. and Catherine "Kitty" Drake family

From research I did about 6 years ago. Kitty is a nickname for Catherine.

Death Records in the Clerk's Office in Frederick County, Virginia, beginning in 1853

Kitty Carper daughter of Francis Drake and Eve Lawyer. Born 1793. Married William Carper, Sr. Died Nov 8 1865 at age 72.

1850 Census for District 16 of Frederick County, Virginia

William Carper's age is 59 in this census, occupation farmer, born in VA. Wife Catharine, age 56 and born in VA and sons James H. age 16 farmer born in VA and son Frederick age 14 born in VA.

1860 Census for District 2 of Frederick County, Virginia

William Carper, Sr.'s age is 69, occupation farmer, born in VA. wife Kitty age 65 born in VA. son Frederick age 24 farm laborer born in VA. Harriet L. Lambrick age 18 a domestic born in VA. was also in this household.

William Carper, Sr. is a very distant relative - he is my 1st cousin, 6 times removed. This is because our common ancestor is just one generation beyond William's father Frederick Carper. The common ancestor is Philip Carper (I come through his son Philip Carper, Jr.). We are 6 times removed because that's how many generations separate William and I. William and Kitty's two youngest sons mentioned above, James and Frederick, would be my 2nd cousins, 5 times removed. We are one generation closer to each other - so 5 times removed, and 2nd cousins because they are one generation farther from the common ancestor.

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