Friday, January 30, 2015

Anne Sullivan Macy

I thought this was a nice quote. What else can you do if you live a long life? And in the spirit of naming people perfectly, let's give Anne a new name. What do you think would suit her? Keep Sullivan and Macy and just change Anne. I think she'd make a fine Gwen, but I don't love the 'flow' with her middle and last names. Lenore matches how pretty she is. But Lenore Macy feels off. Blythe, maybe?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Miss Marietta Lockhart

Looking for someone in a painting for us to name I came across this painting entitled Miss Marietta Lockhart. I thought I would give Miss Marietta a middle name and an alternative as well. It's a nice painting, such a beautiful shade of blue! She has a nice aspect as well. Marietta Dorcas would be good, back in a time when names like Dorcas could be appreciated. It wouldn't go over so well now though. Maybe Marietta Bess. Yes I like that a lot. I could picture her with siblings: Ann, Lydia, Nora, Joseph, Albert, and Edgar.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Name this boy (and his dog)

I came across this photograph of a boy and his dog on Ebay. Thought it might be fun to give them both names. What would you choose? I think he looks like a Milton and his dog Dodger. Let's see, Milton Asher. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Name this woman

I thought it might be fun to name the woman in this painting by Millais. He only titled it Farmer's Daughter. What name might you give her?  Aurelie would be fantastic. Maybe Aurelie Manon?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Names to Accompany Sarek

For fellow Star Trek fans, here are some names to use in combination with Sarek, one of the better choices of names from Mr. Roddenberry.

Sarek Tiberius (if you're going full throttle into Federation territory)
Sarek Owen (if you can't decide whether you like Star Trek or Star Wars more)
Sarek Sagan (if you're just a die hard science junkie)
Sarek Ptolemy (if you're a step above the regular science junkie)
Sarek Galileo (because it's an awesome name)

Ian Sarek
Gage Sarek
Nathaniel Sarek
Othniel Sarek
Ray Sarek

Sarek Will Easton
Sarek Vernon Leo
Uriel Sarek Escher
Walter Sarek Andrew
Brody Casper Sarek
Adlai Thayer Sarek

Names for Sarek's Siblings

Be'lanna, Curie, Lorelei, Seleta, Erikur, Jory, Locke, Ryker

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Names to Accompany Otis

Otis Caleb
Otis Griffin
Otis Wolfgang - for the more daring namer
Otis Ned
Otis Algernon

Jonathan Otis
Lucian Otis
Sawyer Otis
Zebedee Otis
Jeppa Otis

Otis Philo Solomon
Otis Edgar Octavian
Theodore Otis Monroe
Graham Otis Alexander
Orion Bennett Otis
Jeremy Walter Otis

Siblings to Accompany Otis

Brenna, Mildred, Dinah, Greta, Ambrose, Wyatt, Houston, Ollie

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Names to Accompany Rowan

Rowan Estella
Rowan Cassandra
Rowan  Amethyst
Rowan Seneca
Rowan Isis

Faye Rowan
Gladys Rowan
Mackenzie Rowan
Natalie Rowan
Jessamy Rowan

Rowan Ashley Vivica
Rowan Bethany Angela
Cicely Rowan Tamara
Ardith Rowan Sarah
Tierney Bridget Rowan
Waverley Sasha Rowan

Rowan's siblings:

Nya, Lavandula, Ann, Genessee, Jessup, Aleck, Gage, Neil