Monday, February 23, 2015

Rename Mr. Arthur Samuel Pfautz

For a change we are going to rename a fellow whose full name we know. Keep the last name of Pfautz but give him a new first and middle name. Arthur Samuel is very handsome but choose a more modern name this time around.
My choice is Reed Barrett.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Names to Accompany Iolanthe

Iolanthe Astraea
Iolanthe Fern
Iolanthe Rowena
Iolanthe Jennifer
Iolanthe Deseret

Megan Iolanthe
Jessamine Iolanthe
Velda Iolanthe
Ermentrude Iolanthe
Joosiina Iolanthe

Iolanthe Erin Phylicia
Iolanthe Maria Avril
Jessica Iolanthe Kristen
Rue Iolanthe Berenice
Grannis Tegan Iolanthe
Xochitl Genevieva Iolanthe

Names for Iolanthe's Siblings

Isis, Jemima, Saada, Jacinth, Susan, Xenon, Isaac, Micah, Zared, Hadrian

Name These Kids

Not sure if these kids are boys or girls, but let's say the one in orange is a boy and the littler one is a girl. Name them accordingly.

I'll name them Louis Ammon and his kid sister Eva Melanie.

Name This Girl

When I look at this adorable little girl picking buttercups, I immediately think of the movie "The Princess Bride" whose main character is a peasant girl named Buttercup. As delicate and nice as the flower is, it does not make the best name, as flower names go. Let's give this girl a few different sorts of names. First, an appropriate flower name. Second, an appropriate princess name. Third an appropriate medieval peasant girl name. Fourth, a hippie name. Fifth, a more modern 'country' name. And sixth, a nice name that would work nowadays.

Tansy Narcissa
Katharina Elise
Judith Averilda
Chastity Sparrow
May Cheyenne
Maddie Rebeckah

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Names to Accompany Gawain

Gawain Victor
Gawain Andrew
Gawain Levi
Gawain Percival
Gawain Zuriel

Caleb Gawain
Jesse Gawain
Seth Gawain
Alexander Gawain
Thomas Gawain

Gawain Jeremiah Wesley
Gawain Michael Pierce
Arthur Gawain Reid
Matthew Gawain Eric
Perseus Trevor Gawain
Edred Walter Gawain

Names for Gawain's Siblings
Iseult, Marian, Ainsley, Saoirse, Tess, Tristan, Everett, Angus, Benajah, Reccared

Name This Guy

Just a regular, average guy to name this time. I think he looks like a Benjamin Eric.