Thursday, July 21, 2016

Below are 25 names that were among those most frequently used for babies last year in the U.S.

116 Damian3,474 Delilah 2,706
117 Carlos3,400 Andrea 2,699
118 Max3,398 Natalia 2,686
119 Harrison3,316 Lauren 2,677
120 Weston3,305 Morgan 2,670
121 Brantley3,282 Rylee 2,668
122 Braxton3,278 Sydney 2,647
123 Axel3,229 Adalynn 2,612
124 Diego3,218 Mary 2,602
125 Abel3,216 Ximena 2,591
126 Wesley3,213 Jade 2,549
127 Santiago3,202 Liliana 2,545
128 Jesus3,166 Brielle 2,519
129 Silas3,153 Ivy 2,489
130 Giovanni3,118 Trinity 2,485
131 Bryce3,114 Josephine 2,477
132 Jayce3,105 Adalyn 2,450
133 Bryson3,088 Jocelyn 2,441
134 Alex3,085 Emery 2,409
135 Everett3,032 Adeline 2,391
136 George3,032 Jordyn 2,362
137 Eric3,028 Ariel 2,332
138 Ivan3,028 Everly 2,315
139 Emmett3,026 Lilly 2,294
140 Kaiden3,006 Paige 2,278

Trends here that I like:

X appropriateness

--- not everyone minds their ps and qs these days when it comes to spelling or how to overdo something in a stylish way versus in a 'gauche' way. Max, Alex, and Ximena are examples of doing things appropriately.

One syllable wellness

--- sometimes people make very poor choices of which one syllable name to use. One syllables can draw a lot of attention or be demure, depending, and either is a fine reason for using a one syllable name for your child. If you do it well. Paige and Max are great examples. I've come to appreciate Bryce, also (spell it wrong and now you've done the name and your child a disservice. Yes, Brice is fine. It's the odd stuff to stay away from). Please remember to pair the one syllable name well also. Paige Simone, very cool. Max Tex --- oh God NO!!

Handsome to the end

--- the surname trend is still going quite strong. I like typical use of surnames as first names, such as Harrison, but also names you might not have thought to use (Ellington comes to mind). But do steer clear of surnames that are unattractive as first names, or as first names on the wrong gender. Bryson on a boy is fantastic, but on a girl, horrible. Braxton as a first name is just a bad idea. I can't guess where this trend got started. It would do well to stop.

Sunday Best

--- The Bible is a great resource for baby names and I'm glad to see some of the better ones this high on the SSA list. Mary, Abel, Ariel, and Delilah.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Some want a place in the sun, and some prefer the shade

I thought it would be good to look at the 15 names that hang just below the top 100 baby names from 2015.

They are:

101 Tristan
102 Roman
103 Leonardo
104 Camden
105 Brody
106 Luis
107 Miles
108 Micah
109 Vincent
110 Justin
111 Greyson
112 Declan
113 Maxwell
114 Juan
115 Cole

I rhink these are mostly good names. I would match them up in combos like this:

Tristan Cole
Justin Miles
Vincent Micah
Maxwell Brody

Sophie Valentina
Maria Kimberly
Jasmine Luna
Elena London
Willow Alexandra

Making Use of the SSA Top 100 Baby Names of 2015

The 10 best combos I could come up with (boys and girls) using the bottom 50 names of the top 100 names from last year:

Thomas Blake
Robert Aaron
Jeremiah Adam
Brayden Josiah
Ian Theodore
Zachary Easton
Nathaniel Ezra
Hudson Leo
Adrian Sawyer
Jordan Elias

Katherine Julia
Lucy Autumn
Annabelle Cora
Clara Isabelle
Sarah Naomi
Madeline Aurora
Alice Eleanor
Sadie Alyssa
Faith Vivian
Hazel Caroline

NTMN - 6
























Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of John and Mary Palmer of Concord ...

The two above descendants were listed on page 49 of the book I gave in the title to this post, under the heading "Fourth Generation". I found it in the first place due to Mary who married a man named Lockhart and then moved West (yes, thank you, nice to know, and we have sort of the time frame. Probably no sooner than the late 1780s and no later than.... The book was published in 1875 but I should think they migrated before turning 100 years old! Round about 1800 would be perfect and a time of a lot of migration west, to Ohio, for instance.) But I was more interested than such a scarce reference would normally generate due to her sister Ann who married a man named Benjamin Starr and then moved to PA (admittedly just to Chester County, which is almost like not moving to PA at all). Mom (my mom) in her research met a fellow Lockhart descendant by the name of Starr who lived in PA or OH I think. Though I suppose that Starr was her married name. It's always helpful to know which people married into which families, because, well, it just is. I wanted to keep this information without spending a lot of time on the source, but without losing where to find it, should I find other information I wish to check against this. I know that Parkers married into the Dennys and with the McClures and that Josiah Lockhart of Lancaster's wife was a McClure. But I do not offhand recall if there are any Palmers in our extended relations. Not even relations so much as just 'oh hi, how are you' folk.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


On your tour of the SSA list of the top 1000 names in America in 2015, be sure to take note of these:

Tristan and Jasmine are no longer ranked 100. Tristan has stayed close to home, falling out of the top 100 but only by one spot, as he is now listed at 101.Jasmine seems to have made a definite move away from 'stardom' as she fell 12 spots to 112. Instead, become at ease with Elias and Khloe. Those are the new residents at 100, though they represent movement in opposite directions. Khloe, like her predecessor Jasmine, has arrived at 100 from a spot 12 spots higher as she was ranked 88 in 2014. It is not premature to suggest that either Khloe as a name is becoming less popular (or is it? Chloe went from 18 in 2014 to 17 in 2015, which suggests relative stability) or it has lost status due to an increase in popularity of another spelling of the name or to a greater variety of spellings becoming more common for the name. Elias is making a slow and steady move up the list, going from 103 in 2014 to 100 in 2015.

Which names are 'waiting in the wings'? Or have experienced a growth in popularity that suggests they may soon enter the top 100? And which names are 'on their way out', showing a decrease in their popularity? Some names tend to hover around a certain level of use or familiarity. Which names are relatively well-used names but just not 'the most popular'? Also remember that this is NATIONAL data. But all of these people live in certain places where a name may be experiencing something different from the national trend, it contributes to the overall situation of the name, but it is not what you experience in any given place that you go.


Jayce (in 2014: 150 in 2015: 132, rose 18 spots)
Emmanuel (in 2014: 165 in 2015: 150, rose 15 spots)
Bradley (in 2014: 183 in 2015: 173 rose 10 spots)
Leilani (in 2014: 218 in 2015: 178, rose 40 spots)
Everly (in 2014: 178 in 2015: 138, rose 40 spots)
Adalyn (in 2014: 153 in 2015: 132, rose 21 spots)
Isla (in 2014: 150 in 2015: 141, 9 rose spots)


Kaleb (in 2014: 147 in 2015: 165, fell 18 spots)
Richard (in 2014: 141 in 2015: 155, fell 14 spots)
Ivan (in 2014: 132 in 2015: 138, fell 6 spots)
Maxwell (in 2014: 107 in 2015: 113, fell 6 spots)
Kendall (in 2014: 132, in 2015: 147, fell 15 spots)
Brooke (in 2014: 138 in 2015: 150, fell 12 spots)
Reese (in 2014: 165, in 2015: 173, fell 8 spots)


Jonah (in 2014: 138 in 2015: 143, fell 5 spots)
Jesse (in 2014: 174 in 2015: 178, fell 4 spots)
Kyle (in 2014: 178 in 2015: 175, rose 3 spots)
Ashton (in 2014: 143 in 2015: 141, rose 2 spots)
Miles (in 2014: 108 in 2015: 107, rose 1 spot)
Micah (in 2014: 109 in 2015: 108, rose 1 spot)
Gracie (in 2014: 165 in 2015: 163, rose 2 spots)
Lyla (in 2014: 141 in 2015: 142, fell 1 spot)

Tristan seems to be comfortable where he is, at 100. He only rose 1 spot from 101 in 2014. Camden also, at 104, has only dropped 3 spots from 101. Alexandra, also 101 in 2015, is on her way out, dropping 9 spots from 92 to 101. Kayla, a name ranked at 102 in 2014 has fallen to 115 this year, dropping 13 spots. Morgan has fallen further, going from 101 in 2014 to 120 in 2015.

Some names have 'crossed the barrier' or entered the top 100 names this year. Cora did it, leaving her spot at 109 for a spot in the sun up at 88 (that's 21 spots she skipped over!) Theodore did as well, slipping into the top 100 at 99, leaving his place at 126 wide open, he moved 27 spots! Sawyer did the same, leaving his spot at 110 to jump in the 100 at 94 (so only 16 spots ahead).

Hazel made herself NOTEWORTHY by swooping in and capturing a seat at 63 from her niche on the sidelines at 105 in 2014. Which is to say that she sailed over 42 spots to wind up where she is now. Along with Leilani and Everly, she's among the 'movers and shakers' crowd of the top 100.

More Fun With the SSA List of Names from 2015

First, a little history.

Liam seems to me the name in the top 10 that is newest to U.S. name royalty. This is not his first year ranked #2, but it is only his 4th year to be among the 10 most popular names for boys. It's only his 5th year to be in the top 20 names. Liam has only been ranked among the top 50 names for 7 years now. He has spent a total of 10 years ranked in the top 100. But that's just how long he's been among the MOST popular names given. He's been among what I call 'the most familiar' names given since 1994, which rather corresponds to the time since actor Liam Neeson became 'a household name'. Personally. I don't recall ever having heard of Liam as a name until I became familiar with Liam Neeson due to movies like Rob Roy (with one of my favorite actresses, Jessica Lange). That is to say, Liam has been one of the top 500 names given since then. So how long has he been in the top 1000 baby names given? Once you leave the top 500 and start talking about the top 1000 names given you are talking about names like:

            Rank in  2015      1994      1967                     1916                        Year Rank was Highest
                                                                         (year Liam 1st entered
                                                                          the top 1000 names)                                          with rank in (  )                                  

Darius                501         155         590                       --                           1991 -1992  (152)  
Douglas              618        156          33                        151                        1942      (23)
Briggs                745          --             --                          --                          2015     (745)
Reginald             875        295          126                      346                        1968      (118)
Yehuda               953         --              --                          --                         2012      (897)