Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday's Set of Names

Boy Names

Erkuries - Complete guesswork on my part, but this would seem to be a corruption of Hercules, which is the Roman version of the classic Greek hero Heracles. Heracles comes from the name of the goddess Hera and the name of the hero before he reached hero status, Alcaeus or Alcides. One source gives the etymology as "Glory of Hera" from Hera's name and the element "kleos" meaning "glory" or "renown". The Etruscan form of the name was Hercle which is said to come from the Greek Herakles.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday's Sampling of Names






Pitt - English, meaning "a pit" or "a hollow". This would have been the surname for someone who lived near a pit or hollow and later became a first name when the tradition of using family surnames as first names became a trend (often it would come from the mother's line or the father's mother's line).

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday's Sampling of Names


Amelinde- the name of one of the characters in the German novel Dietwald und Amelinde. Amelinde is a princess in this story. Babynamespedia suggests that this name derives from the Gothic element which means 'work'.


Dietmar - German, meaning "famous people" or "famous person".

Dietwald -German, meaning "people power". The book Zodiac Baby Names: The Complete Book of Baby Names Defined by Star Sign by Russell Grant also gives the meaning as"powerful people" or "ruling tribe".

Warmund - Gothic, meaning "true mouth" according to Karl F. Otto in his book A Companion to the Works of Grimmelshausen. Warmund is a character in the novel Dietwald und Amelinde.

Monday, December 5, 2016







Dixie Colledge




Friday, October 14, 2016

NTMN - 8


Cyrilla - feminine form of the name Cyril, which is derived from the Greek 'kyrios' which meant 'lord' or 'master' and came from a verb meaning "to find or possess".

Moncha - Irish variant of Monica

Nedelijka - Illyrian, from the name of the day Sunday.

Christopherine - an English feminine form of the Greek name Christopher meaning "the Christ-bearer".

Christophera - English feminine form of the Greek name Christopher.


Cristovalo - a variant form of the name Christopher, Italian, I think, though Christopher comes from Greek.

Christachi - Greek variant of the name Christopher.

Saturday, August 27, 2016



Ancilée - French, from Latin, meaning "a servant".

Eddeve - English, derived from German and meaning 'rich gift'. I would love to know the correct pronunciation! With just my guessing it sounds beautiful though!

Emezetta - apparently at least once an Emezetta was listed on a census form as Embesetta. I also found the form Emezette. It may be a familiar form or type of endearment of the name Emma or Emily. As Amezetta is another spelling of the name that I found, it 'may' be a type of endearment for the name Amy or Amelia. It would also be possible that it is a feminine form of the Hebrew name Amos (in the Bible it is at times spelled Amoz). Another possibility is that it is a feminine form of the name Amasa. I will be glad to hone in at some point on an actual etymology or clue on the origin of the name!

Hilza - Lusitanian, from Hebrew and meaning "God's oath".

Joletta - English, derived from the Greek name Iolanthe, meaning "violet flower".

orchids of the variety laelia milleri fidelensis

Laelia - Latin, the name of a Vestal Virgin of Rome. It was also a name given to girls born to the family of ancient Rome called the Laellii. Males were named Laelius or Laelianus. One of the women of the Laellii who was called Laelia was known for her perfect Latin. There is also an orchid called laelia.

Rigonthe - French, derived from German and meaning "ruling war".

Sealbflaith - Erse form a Celtic name meaning 'lady of possessions'.

Theone - Greek, meaning "godly".

Wendelgard - German, meaning "wandering guard".


Abishalom - Hebrew, from 'ab' meaning 'father' and 'shalom' meaning 'peace'.

Achashverosh - Hebrew form a Zend name, meaning "venerable king".

Adalfieri -  "noble pledge"

Dunulf - German, meaning 'hill wolf'.

Miyamoto - Japanese, from 'miya' meaning 'temple' or 'shrine' or 'palace' and 'moto' meaning 'base' or 'root' or 'origin'. 

Niklau - Bavarian form of the Greek name Nicholas, meaning "victory of the people". It is ultimately derived from the name of the Greek goddess of victory, Nike.

Pedrinho - Portuguese form of the Greek name Petros, meaning "stone".

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Botanical Magazine, or Flower Garden Displayed

Google Books has made available Curtis' Botanical Magazine or Flower Garden. Not every print is in color. But here are some of the amazingly beautiful ones to be found in this book. I believe I will try to do an embroidery or cross stitch of these. They are lovely! Click on the link above to go to the book on Google Books. 

The following poem appeared on the title page of The Botanical Magazine, or Flower Garden Displayed, by William Curtis, Volume IV, published in 1796.


Some of the pictures show the age of the volume that contained them more than other, such as the one below.