In case you didn't come in on these posts from the beginning, I am introducing you to 2,014 names in the year 2014 over the course of this year. For the most part they are names that are brand new to me as well. Some names may be more familiar but I found the meaning or origin or some other aspect of the name made it worthy of inclusion here. You may love some of the names, you may hate some, but hopefully you enjoy learning about all of them.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Mid-December Names


Abassah - Arabic

Hawwa -Arabic

Rahil - Arabic form of Rachel


Gurgustius - Welsh, from 'gor' meaning 'super' and 'gwst' meaning 'power' or 'excellence' or 'force'.

Icotascus - Brythonic, according to Nook of Names, and possibly from the roots 'iko' meaning 'woodpecker' and 'tasgo' meaning 'badger'.

'Lu'lu - Arabic

Marwan - Arabic

Ru'bah -Arabic


Eulli - Sumerian, "may the temple last forever"


Kizo - Japanese (I think)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Am I catching up or falling behind or running neck and neck?


ÁGUEDA - Spanish

Aloma - Nickname for the Spanish name Paloma, which means "dove". Pronounced "ah LOW mah".

Antona- Spanish

Barbola- Spanish

Betania - Spanish form of Bethany.


Costanza- Spanish

Damiana- Spanish

Floriana - Spanish

Jerónima - Spanish

Mayor - Spanish

Melchora - Spanish


MENCÍA- Spanish

Nazarena- Spanish

Olall- Spanish

Quiteria - Spanish

Shakira- Spanish

Violante -Spanish


Agnano - Spanish

Anxo - Galician form of the Latin name Angelus.

Arsenio- Spanish

Barros - Spanish

BEÑAT- Basque form of Bernard.

Blas - Spanish

CEBRIÁN- Spanish form of the Latin name Cyprianus.

Cosme - Spanish


Eyague - Spanish

Frutos - Spanish

Garci- Spanish

Gines - Spanish

Luperco- Spanish

Mergildo - Spanish

Roque - Spanish

Truylos - Spanish

Thursday, December 11, 2014

1548 Names Learned. Only 466 more names to learn!

That's where we stand. Add the 28 names below, and we're even farther along!


Acho - Armenian, meaning 'right'. Pronounced 'aa ch OW'.

Carinthia -

Cloudesley -

Esfir - Russian form of Esther.

Estuuya - Inuit




Lesya  - Ukrainian, a short form for Oleksandra or Olena. Oleksandra is the Ukrainian form of Alexandra, which is the feminine form of the Greek name Alexander, which means "defender of mankind" or "protector of mankind". It comes from 'alexo' meaning "to defend' or 'to help' and 'aner' meaning 'man'.  Olena is the Ukrainian form of the Greek name Helene, meaning "torch".


Melita -





Tsiuri - Georgian, derived from 'tsi' meaning 'sky' or 'heaven'.

Wendela -


Borya - Russian nickname for Boris, which is derived from a Turkic name, Bogoris. It might mean 'short, 'wolf', or 'snow leopard'.




Qulitalik - Inuit

Taras - Ukrainian form of the Greek name 'Tarasios' meaning 'from Taras'. Taras is an old name for a very old Italian city with Greek roots called Taranto. It was named after Poseidon's son Taras. I believe that Taras Shevchenko was an important revolutionary figure from 19th century Ukraine and a poet and artist.

Zaal - Georgian form of the Persian name Zal, meaning "albino". A mythical hero had this name, as well as a head of white hair.

Zako - Armenian

Zhirayr - Armenian, meaning "strong, active"


Atanarjuat - Inuit, meaning "the fast runner".

Ilannaq - Inuit, meaning 'friend'.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Waist deep in names, or maybe, up to my neck in them!


Beatrycze - Polish form of Beatrix

Calfuray - Mapuche, meaning "violet flower".

Katsiaryna - Belarusian form of Katherine.

Meklit - Amharic, meaning "gift to God".


Dobrogost - Polish and Slavic, from the Slavic elements 'dobru' meaning 'good' and 'gosti' meaning 'guest'.

Nahuel - Mapuche, meaning "jaguar".

Ruslan - short form of the name Yeruslan, which comes from the Tatar Uruslan, which comes from the Turkic 'arslan' meaning 'lion'. Yeruslan is a figure in Russian and Tatar folktales, whose roots lie in the Persian tales of Rostam, a legendary warrior hero. Meaning unknown.

Tamrat - Amharic, meaning "miracle".


Alemayehu - Amharic, meaning "I have seen the world".

Isi - Choctaw, meaning "dear".

Monday, December 8, 2014

Onward to new names!

1,519 new names learned this year thus far. Of the 2,014 I intend to introduce you to, that leaves 495 more names to learn in the next 3 weeks. That's a lot of names still to go!!



Dagmoy - Faroese form of the Danish name Dagmar, which comes from the elements 'dag', meaning 'day' and 'mar', meaning 'little maiden' or 'unmarried girl' or 'virgin'. These name elements are similar to the terms in various other European languages having the same meaning, such as 'mey' or 'meyja' meaning 'girl' and dagr or tag or daga meaning 'day'.

Hiltrud- Finnish

Irya - Russian nickname for Irina, which comes from the Greek 'eirene' meaning 'peace'.

Iulfrith - Danish

Qaajak - Greenlandic nickname appropriate for a younger person for the name K'aujak.

Sille - Swedish

Ua - Icelandic nickname for names beginning with U.

Venla - Sami


Bjarni - Icelandic and Faroese nickname appropriate for a younger person for the Norse or Danish name Biarni, which is a form of the Norse name Biorn, which is a variant of Bjorn, meaning "bear". Bjorn is similar to the element in various European languages which mean 'bear', such as the Germanic 'bernu', Saxon 'bern', and Old English 'beorn'.

Lianteri - Finnish

Rosant - Swedish

Soffren - Danish

Uhkku - Sami form of the Finnish name Ukko, meaning 'old man'.

Uui - Greenlandic form of the Danish and Frisian name Ove. Ove is a Frisian nickname for Germanic names beginning with Uodal or Ova. It could be related also to the Frisian nickname Uffe, used for names beginning or ending with 'ulf' or as a variant of the nickname Offe, which in turn comes from Germanic names beginning with the element 'od'. In Danish it is used as a form of Auwe for young boys. Auwe comes from Aughe which in turn comes from Aghi, a Danish nickname for Norse names beginning with 'ag'.

Ylur - Icelandic, meaning "warmth".


Ailu - Sami name. As a girl name it is a variant of Aile, a form of the name Helga. As a boy name it is a nickname for Aslak.

Elis - Icelandic nickname either for the girl name Elisa or the boy name Elias.

Gerwar - Danish

Kautak - Greenlandic name meaning 'hammer'.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

1484 Names Learned

With that number of new names learned this year, we need still to learn 530 more names by the end of the year. Which is about 140 new names a week or 20 names a day, give or take a few names.









Atha - nickname for Athanacius



Strangeman - the genealogy blog where I found this listed as a first name said that some descendants pronounce it like 'strongman'. Maybe a German name??




Clowser Homestead

from the Winchester Star

This home is where Henry Clowser lived with his family, until their family was killed by Shawnee Indians. Young Henry Clowser survived, as well as his two sisters, who had been abducted by the Shawnee.

Marion Clowser is a descendant and so am I.

Henry Clowser's guardian was Casper Larrick, an immigrant from Alsace-Lorraine. The Clowsers came from Germany. I am wondering if they came on the same ship, from the same town, the same church, or were related in some way or if they were just chance neighbors, in the military together, or in some other way knew each other.

My mother's father, William James Lockhart, Sr.'s grandmother was Mary Jane Foreman, whose grandfather was the young Henry Clowser. He is my grandfather's grandmother's grandfather. Which makes him my 4th great-grandfather, I believe, and the elder Henry Clowser (or Heinrich Clauser) and his wife Anna Maria Arma, my 5th great-grandparents.