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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Song of the Day: Double up day

The songs for today are One I Love and See You Soon, both from the Live 2003 album. Now, as for "One I Love", I'm actually not crazy about the song itself, but you should watch the video anyway, because it was very entertaining. There's a lot of energy in this performance and the way the shots are edited together really works. I do like See You Soon, though. It's mostly just Chris playing the guitar and singing, but it's very nice for this song.

And, for those interested, a comment about why Chris seems so much more appealing in these performances with the long sleeve white shirt. It could be the short haircut, it could be the beard, it could be how old he was, but, I'm really thinking it's mostly the shirt, or...oops, I was about to go into too much embarrassing detail. You get the picture.

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