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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Song of the Day: Double up day again

I have been so obsessed reading the Twilight books, that I've kind of fallen behind in posting these songs. Yesterday and today's songs are Daylight and Green Eyes. I like Daylight, though there are parts that annoy me. And I like Green Eyes, though I wonder why he refers to her that way instead of using a name. I never call someone by their eye color. Anyhow, here are the videos with the songs. Chris is really interesting to watch play the piano on the Daylight video. I don't know who shot the Green Eyes video, but I think it's really good (it was shot in Berlin, that much I know). So enjoy!



  1. don't know how much I like this song but it could just be one of those that has to grow on you.
    So you missed out del on fun with dick and jane, I hope your book was just as fun. We need to watch another movie together xfiles was fun. I say we go see something really scarry like mirrors.

  2. What nationality is cold play? I think they are British but you never know they could be south african or australian.

  3. Hey Andy!

    Yeah, I'll have to watch Fun with Dick and Jane sometime. I'm totally up for going to see Mirrors, and no one else around here wants to see a scary movie.

    I really enjoyed reading the third Twilight book. I got it from you guys Friday night and I finished it last night (Saturday). So I'm ready for the fourth one whenever Beth finishes it.

    Oh, and Coldplay is British.