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Monday, August 4, 2008

Non-Coldplay Post

But still obsession-oriented. I have been reading the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer. For those who don't know, they are romance novels about a teenage girl and a teenage boy/vampire (well, and the other love interest, a teenage werewolf). I totally love these books and devoured the first three in one week exactly. Now I'm just waiting for my sister-in-law to get the fourth volume in the mail, and once she reads it, she's letting me borrow it. This is the responsible thing to do. I keep telling myself that to keep me from stopping at Barnes and Noble and buying the book myself. Although, I have also contemplated stopping at Barnes and Noble each night this week and just reading the book in the store. But since I haven't gotten ANYTHING done while I've been reading these books, I figured that a break is actually probably a good thing (and it was, since I was able to exercise tonight, of which I am very proud even though it was only for ten minutes).

Back to the books. It's actually very ironic that I like these books so much. My friend who has read them gets frustrated with the characters, but me? Nope. Not one iota. Even though the vampire is a very controlling boyfriend, fine by me (well, I wish he weren't, but I just let that slide and go right ahead wanting them to be together). Does a normal person need to be lifted into the car when there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with them? No, but, that's just how things work in this book and I take it all in and the feminist in me does not come out. You would think I would be tearing the story to shreds for all of the romance novel cliches it falls into, yet I don't, I eagerly turn the page wanting more.

You are welcome to laugh at me. I don't care, as long as this lady keeps writing these books, and they continue to be good like they have been, I will gladly be laughed at.

Anyway, for those of you who do read the books, I do have a couple of opinions to share on the few issues the book raises. First, should she pick Jacob or Edward? Both. I like the idea of her having both of them and it anguishing them and her every step of the way (or not, if they could live with that arrangement). Second, should she become a vampire? No. I understand her wanting to be with Edward forever, but I think the love story there will suffer once there isn't that tension of "is he going to suck the blood right out of her and make her undead" and also, even if she's just living off the blood of mountain lions and bears, I think she should stick to a human diet (um, as in, not drinking blood, not as in drinking human blood). Sure, she will age and Edward won't and it will soon disgust society that he's with an old woman, but I think that's part of the appeal of their love story: that it is rather impossible for them to live happily every after (I just don't think her becoming a vampire is a 'happily ever after' ending, really). Um, yeah, that's really the only issues the book raises. Oh well, I guess I think that if she does get her vampire wish, that the werewolf pack should stick to the idea of punishing the Cullens for breaking the treaty by biting a human. It might have a tragic end, but I kind of want Edward and Jacob to face off in the end (enough of the posturing already! well, not really enough of that, but in the end, do have them face off). Also, I do like it when the heroine actually takes actions that the other characters don't want her to take. Have her go through with one of her drastic ideas, however stupid, I rather like it and the problems it would cause. Make them scramble or have her suffer terribly, whatever, that is something I would like the author to do more (she did a good job of it in the 2nd book, but only did it once or twice in the third. When she had that sharp stone ready to slice her hand, she should have done it, rather than just Edward noticing that she was going to. Ugh. Please, follow through on these things.)

That's all, for now. Until I read the fourth book and have to wait a year (hopefully no longer) for the fifth book.


  1. Ok, I was nearly ready to go pick up a book. But, my copy FINALLY came today! Now I don't know what to do, read or watch the Olympics all weekend!!??

  2. Hah, well, no question, I would read!