Saturday, April 5, 2014

Something to Sip on Should You So Desire, This Saturday







Ajuwon Nigerian, probably used in Ogun State. Not sure of the language of origin or meaning. However, I was able to find that Ota, in Ogun State has a family by the name of Ajuwon who is allowed to present candidates for the 'enforcer' of the tribe, a 'generalissimo' type, who carries a sword. The people in this tribe speak Yoruba, so perhaps Ajuwon is a Yoruba name.

Baltzer - German, form of "Balthasar", from the Phoenician "Balat-shar-usur" which means "Baal protects the king".  Balthasar is a name used for one of the three wisemen that visited the Holy Family after Jesus' birth. It can also be used as a form of Belshazzar, which is a Babylonian king in the Bible. It is also a form of Belteshazzar, which is a name that was given to the Biblical Daniel by the Chaldeans.

Not sure which gender

Zavan - maybe boy?

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