In 2014 I featured a series of blog posts introducing you to 2,014 names. For the most part they were names that were brand new to me as well. Some names may be more familiar but I found the meaning or origin or some other aspect of the name made it worthy of inclusion here. You may love some of the names, you may hate some, but hopefully you enjoy learning about all of them.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Name Question of the Day- 5th in the series

April is a nice name, I think. Not used as much as it was in the 80s. And I think it is one of the names that would make a great middle name. I'm curious what  names you think April would work well with.

Here are a few of my ideas:

Katherine April
Calista April
Rose April
Gwendolyn April
Victoria April
Jessamy April
Portia April
Isabella April
Georgetta April
Odette April

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