Thursday, April 10, 2014

Name Question of the Day - 4th in the Series

Do names conjure different images for you? When asked to picture an Alice, for instance, do you see the same sort of girl as when asked to picture a Jennifer? Do names make you think of things unrelated to people? For instance, when you hear Hal do you think of psychotic computer? Or does Annie make you think of a German Shepherd (my friend had one - named Annie - lovely dog)?

Why do you think one person hears Alice and pictures a girl in a dress playing with dolls with long blond curls, gentle, kind, and nice and another person has a completely different image? Why do we have the SAME images of someone?

Maybe it's more understandable with names everyone has heard, such as Jennifer, Alice, or Annie. But what about a name you have never heard before? Why do you think some people think of the same thing with that name or why, if they do not, is that?

Since today's question had several parts, I think it can count for yesterday's missed question.

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