Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Relative of the Day

Let's see if I can keep this series going as well as my Coldplay Song of the Day series went or the 2,014 Names in 2014 series.

Today's honoree:

Aljourn Hunter Davidson

111 years ago today he was married to Emma E. Campbell in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia. I know that Aljourn died leaving no children and also that he remarried in 1917. But I don't have much information on Emma at all. When or where she was born or died, who her parents were, etc. Aljourn was from Morgan County, West Virginia, and died in Winchester. His name is unusual, it is a form of the more familiar name Algernon. His parents are my 3rd great-grandparents David Davidson and Mary Catherine Clark. His sister Mary Malissa Davidson is my 2nd great-grandmother. So he is my 3rd great-uncle. I look forward to learning more about you sometime, Aljourn!

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