Tuesday, April 22, 2014


That's how many names we have left to learn this year, after today's 7 names.


Zenta - according to Nordic Names this is a nickname for the German Kreszentia, which comes from the Latin name Crescentia, which derives from the word 'crescens' meaning 'growing'.

Earline - feminine form of the English name Earl, which comes from the title of a nobleman. It was a word 'eorl' which meant 'nobleman, warrior'. It can also be a form of the Irish name Arleen, which means "a pledge".

Falina - as a variant spelling of Felina, it relates to the masculine name Felinus, which is Roman and means "cat-like" (or feline).


Godofredo - Spanish form of the German name Godfrey or Gottfried, which is known in English as Geoffrey. It means "traveller" or "peaceful one".

Honecle -  perhaps a spelling of Henkel or Hinkle.

Ifan - Welsh form of the Hebrew name John, which means

Jabari -

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