Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thursday's Names X-D


Xyliana -
Deianira and Nessus (the Centaur)
who cleverly causes the death of Deianira's husband

Yanira - short form of the Greek name Deianira, which means "destroyer of her husband".

Zella- German short form of the name Marcella, which is the feminine form of Marcellus, a Roman family name. It comes from Marcus, a Roman given name that honored the god of war, Mars. Mars may derive from 'mas' meaning 'male'.


Lake Hula, Israel

Agam- Hebrew, meaning 'lake'.


Castiel- Hebrew, indicating someone from Castille, Spain, according to Heinrich Walter and Eva H. Guggenheimer's book Jewish Family Names and Their Origins: An Etymological Dictionary. This is a name used among Sephardic Jews (those expelled from Spain). Castille means "castle".

Dewalt-Germanic, from "theuda" or "theot' meaning "people" such as a nation, and "bald" meaning "brave. Dewald and Theobald are other forms of the same name.

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