Tuesday, March 4, 2014

D thru J, Names for Today, Hip hip hooray!

can you see the bees in this lace curtain?


Sak K'uk - ancient Mayan empress of Palenque
Devery - nickname for the Hebrew girl name Devorah (from which we get the name Deborah), which means 'bee'.

Emperatriz - Spanish, meaning "empress".


Galatea - Greek, meaning "she who is milk-white".


Hypoliti - from the Greek name Hippolytus, meaning 'he who lets horses loose', hippus means horses in Greek.

Idelfonso - Spanish form of the Visigothic name Hildefons, which comes from the Germanic 'hilde' meaning 'battle' and 'funs' meaning 'ready'.

Jeptha - Hebrew, meaning "he opens". This is the name of a Biblical figure who offers his daughter as a burnt sacrifice to God. Which is unfortunate in many ways, including, it rather spoils a nice name.
Jeptha returns triumphant from battle and is greeted by his daughter

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