Tuesday, March 25, 2014

J-P Tuesday's Names



Jamilette Arabic, form of the name Jamila, which is the feminine form of the name Jamil, which means "beautiful".

Laduska -according to Abby, at appelationmountain.net, this name evolved from Louisa, or perhaps from forms of Louisa like Ludovica. Ludovica is the feminine form of the German name Ludwig. Ludwig comes from the Frankish name Chlodowig, which derives from "hlod" meaning "fame" and "wig" meaning "warrior".


this famous French painting of Liberty leading the people in revolt may not be particularly English, but best fits the idea of "bold power".

Kendrick Old English, meaning "bold power".

an image of a typhoon, it i salso what I imagine a 'roar' might 'look' like, if you could image it.

Naaham Hebrew, meaning "roar".

King David worships by playing the lute.

Obed -Hebrew meaning "servant" or "worshipper".


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