Sunday, March 23, 2014

3 Girl Names for Saturday (yesterday) and 4 Boy Names for Thursday the 20th


Caffreina - an invented name. Still, I think a name like Katharina might sound like this in certain parts of the country like North Carolina.

Hettie - a nickname for names like Harriet and Henrietta.

Just what I picture a little Ilaria might look like.

Ilaria - Italian, from the Latin "hilarius" meaning "cheerful". Hillary is an English version of the name.


Dagobert - Frankish, from "dag" meaning "day" and "bert" meaning "bright". I really love that, "day bright".

Ebardo -according to this is an Aragonese form of Edward, which comes from Anglo Saxon "ead" meaning "wealth" and "weard" meaning "guard".

Ferno -

Gravener - a form of Grosvenor, which is an English surname derived from the French Le Grand Veneur, meaning "the great huntsman".

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