In 2014 I featured a series of blog posts introducing you to 2,014 names. For the most part they were names that were brand new to me as well. Some names may be more familiar but I found the meaning or origin or some other aspect of the name made it worthy of inclusion here. You may love some of the names, you may hate some, but hopefully you enjoy learning about all of them.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Name Frenzy

I'm in a bit of one today - so many names I came across just this morning that I would love to share! I'm going to hold back a bit though.. I feel like 7 new names per post is plenty to take in. And really I'm ahead of myself, as these are Monday's names. But, when something comes along and I can't post as regularly I won't need to catch up!

Here they are:


a painting by Gustav Klimt, it sold for $158.4 million in 2006

Othelia - this is one I came across last night doing genealogy. A variant of Odilia or Ottilia, which is Germanic and means 'riches'. Odo and Otto are the male forms of the name (as well as Othello, the wealthy Moor of Shakespeare's play).

Phonesavanh - another one I came across doing genealogy. It is the name of the capital of Xieng Khuang Province, in Laos and is a surname from that area.

Quinneshia - I have not found an etymology for this name. It may be a creation, for instance, combining Quinn and the ending of names like Alicia, except spelled with 'eshia'. Though I'm not exactly sure how the name is pronounced.


Rowdy- from the English term 'rowdydow' meaning 'noisy' or 'turbulent'. This comes from the term 'rubadub'. The root for the word 'rough' in English would be the ultimate origin of this name. How the term came to be used as a given name is less clear. Perhaps it is just an American thing, as it easily conjures up an image of the lawless frontier and the people who lived here. However, I can't help but wonder if there is some connection to other English names such as Rowley, Rowden, or Rowland (perhaps from Roland?) Which makes me think of Rowan as well. I don't feel I've finished my research on this name yet.

Seti I, Pharaoh

Set, Desert God
Seti- Egyptian, meaning 'of Set'. Set was the ancient Egyptian god of the desert and storms and so someone named Seti had been consecrated to that god.
Ironically, this prince's name is Takehito, not Takehiko.

Takehiko- Japanese, from "take" meaning "military" and "hiko" meaning "prince. You can use different written characters in Japanese to form a name and the meaning changes with the characters. So 'take', for instance, might mean 'bamboo' and 'hiko' might just mean 'boy'. I love the meanings for this name, military prince or bamboo boy. Very sweet.

part of a painting of the 7 Sages of the Bamboo Groves, this shows the boy that was their assistant

Zafar - Arabic, meaning "victory".

Saladin I, victorious conqueror

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