Sunday, March 23, 2014

7 Boy Names for Yesterday and Today






Afif - Arabic, meaning "chaste".

Barakiah- Hebrew, composed of 'barak' and 'Yah' meaning "Yah blesses". This is sometimes written Berechiah and pronounced 'beh rek YAH' or may also be Berekyahu and pronounced "beh rek YAH hoo". Yeberekyahu is related and  has the same meaning, though it is pronounced a little differently (yeb eh rek yah hoo). It can also be written as Jeberechiah. Upon looking at the name, without researching it at all, I thought it would be pronounced 'bah ruh ky uh', but I was wrong. Many figures in the Bible possess this name, one of whom was part of the building of the Temple of Solomon, he was one of Saul's sons (as was Solomon). 

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