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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who should be our next president?

I know, this is my third post of the evening, but since I researched Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton today, I thought I would share my thoughts on this topic. For those interested, you can visit these websites to learn more:

I decided to read their positions on issues I cared about and decided I liked Hillary over Obama, with one exception. The one exception is that I do like Obama's approach to the war a little more than Hillary's, but they are not different enough on this issue to make it a deal breaker for me (whereas, McCain, for instance, has a position on the war that I just cannot live with).

You can read for yourself about the issues and make up your own mind, but I thought I would tell you how I see it.

Immigration: While I do like that Obama suggests increasing the number of legal immigrants, I don't like the focus of cracking down on employers who hire illegal aliens. On the other hand, Hillary supports the DREAM initiative which would give those children who were brought here by their parents illegally the chance to become legal citizens through higher education or military service. For me the difference is that Hillary wants to give good people a chance to be here legally and does not talk about fining or penalizing them, which Obama does. I know, most of my family sees this issue exactly the opposite of me. But I have worked closely with these people and I feel that has given me a lot of insight into the lives they lead, why they are here, and the kinds of obstacles they face as illegal immigrants.

Women: Hillary has a section that makes her stand on abortion explicit, whereas, if Obama addresses this issue, I missed it. He is pro-choice, I just noticed that it was not a main feature on his issues menu.

I actually went back and read what each of them had to say in more detail on the other issues. On a lot of them, they are not that different. I guess that these just happen to be two issues I feel strongly about and see Hillary as more a champion for the way I see things than Obama.

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