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Monday, February 18, 2008

My passion

I know, from the number of posts on the subject you think it is genealogy; but, tonight anyway, it is cross stitching! Or anyway, the desire to own all the good magazines on the subject from around the world since I discovered some surfing the internet tonight. Look closely at the picture to the right and you will see two, yes, two magazines I had never heard of before: Susanna and Maxxina. So I have added to my wish list magazines like these. How will I get a hold of them? How much do they really cost? (the website had prices in euros, so if you know how many dollars it takes to make a euro let me know) Why do I not need to be able to read the language to own these magazines (a question Angela had)? And, of course, how long must I wait before I can afford to begin the pursuit of owning at least one issue of each of these magazines (for the connossieur, they are Le Idee di Susanna, Maxxina, At Home With Needlework, Borduurblad, and possibly, Punto Croce Facile)? These are just the ones I discovered tonight. Just think of all the different magazines there are out there that I still do not know about! I am going to need a bookcase just for them.

Well, so maybe I am the only cross stitch magazine enthusiast in these parts, but surely you have something you are passionate about which other people find a bit over-zealous?

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  1. Me, I do. List-making. It's my passion. Some people don't realize that if you're not truly organized, you can feign it so well by making lots of lists!