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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Yes, it's time to start planning camping trips. So set aside a weekend in April to go to Canyonlands. I was going to go to Zion's but it costs $25 to get in there versus only $10 at Canyonlands, and I've been to Zion's before (if you haven't gone, it's worth the $25 and if I were in a different financial situation, I'd pay it to go to Kolob Canyon, which is part of Zion's, but that's not the way things are, so...). Anyhow, I think either the weekend of April 8th or April 15th would be a good time to go, weather permitting, of course. It's a beautiful drive to get there. Well, after looking at a map, I'm not sure. Maybe Canyonlands, or maybe Deadhorse Point State Park? Maybe Goblin Valley State Park? Any of them would be fun. All of them have an entrance fee and then you have to pay to camp there.

Anyway, I think it would be fun to leave Saturday morning and get there midday, have lunch, and set up camp. Then either go for some scenic drives or walks/hikes, have a fire-cooked meal for supper and enjoy the vast beauty of a desert sky at night (assuming no clouds). Then pack up Sunday and drive home. What do you think? If my employment is still part-time (heaven forbid), I would be able to leave Friday and come back Monday, ooo, wouldn't that be fun?

I know, I said I wasn't going camping with this new car, but I will stick to main roads. And I know it's the desert so it's dusty, like red dust, but I just can't bear the thought of not getting in as many camping trips as possible and do you know how long it's been since I camped in the desert? Too long!

So, get out your lanterns and marshmallow roasters, Spring is just 2 months away!


  1. Yeah sounds fun del. Too bad dad sold the 4runner or you could take that instead. I might be able to go in the first of may if you could wait till then:)

  2. If I had any doubts before I now know that you are one serious camper! :)

  3. Hey Andy,

    I still want to go camping in May, as well. I don't think I'll do Canyonlands in April after all, as you can't reserve a campsite ahead of time (so probably I will go to Goblin Valley or Dead Horse Point, the entrance fee is cheaper and you can reserve the campsite ahead of time). So maybe in May we could go to Arches? You can reserve a campsite there ahead of time as well. The second weekend in May is Mother's Day, so would you want to go the first weekend in May, the 3rd?

  4. Dear Beth,

    Yep, I love to camp. I love the outdoors.

  5. Beth,
    Really, it's all an act. Have we ever really been with Dellitt on these camping trips? How do we know she doesn't go to some nice ritzy resort and get her nails done? I don't believe it. Of course, I'll leave the verification up to you.

  6. Oooo! Fancy resorts - count me in. You'll be sorry you missed out Angela! :D

  7. Well, I have been on some of these camping trips mentioned officially and unofficially, and i ain't ever seen a day spa or room service ,unless you count dad waking you up at 5am to go the bathroom roomservice:)