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Sunday, February 10, 2008

LOST Questions

Why, you ask, is Michael the character photo I chose to pair with this post? Because one of my long-standing questions about Lost is "what happened to Michael and Walt"? Even though they got a boat and have not been seen or heard of since (in the flesh, anyway), they shouldn't have been able to leave the island. If you remember, Desmond had a boat and no matter what he did, he was unable to sail away from the island. That is major question number 1. I will post other questions that I had before this season started some other time, but for now, on to the questions that have arisen due to the last two episodes.

Most pressing, "who are the other 3 people of the Oceanic 6"? Can't be Desmond, Ben, Juliet , Danielle, Alex, Carl, or any of "The Others" because none of them were on the plane. Locke, Bernard, and Rose do not want to leave the island. I think that Sawyer is one (I like to think that Sawyer and Kate are together in the flash forwards. After all, Kate isn't in jail despite having committed murder and other felonies, so why shouldn't Sawyer and she be together?) I think that the other two are either Sun and Jin or Claire and Aaron.

The other, well, obvious question, is, what happened to everyone else, since the way Hurley talks (and Charlie) it seems that there are those that are still on the island. Who, exactly, and did they choose to stay, were they forced to, and how many are dead?

The next question is does anyone eventually go back to the island, since Hurley suggests it maybe should happen and we know Jack tries to find the island. If so, do they go back to stay or to rescue the people that remained?

I would also like to know why the cabin found Hurley, who the black guy is that comes to talk to Hurley (yes, I know he's the guy that sends the four people to look for Ben, but who does he work for and what is their aim?), and why was there a Dharma polar bear in Tunisia (was there a Dharma initiative there or did it strangely get transported there)? Oh, yes, and how do you fake a plane crash under sea (for anyone that may know)?

That's all for today. I will post more about Lost some other time. But I would love to hear your thoughts on these questions and your opinions about the show and characters. Namaste.

(oh yeah, if you click on the title of this post, it will take you to ABC's website for Lost.)


  1. Tough questions. I'm sure Michael & Walt will turn up back on the island, unable to escape its pull. I can't wait for this weeks episode to find out another of the Oceanic 6! And I'm very biased hoping that Sayid makes it off.

    I think the new people from the helicopter are from Dharma and out to get Ben for killing all the Dharma members.

    So much drama - I hope they do more episodes now that the writers strike is OVER!

  2. I totally forgot about Sayid! I think he may make it off the island, in which case I think the other 2 would be Sawyer and Sun.

  3. I think they want ben because he is a contriving little man and he managed to take over the darhma island so they are trying to get him and hopefully kill him.
    I know that if they kill ben then lots of things end including the story line but I just want the french lady to just finish what she started when she shot him with an arrow then trapped him:D
    If you can't tell she is my favorite character in the whole show because up till now she has done everything I would have done. I would have went into hidding and set up traps all around. I would have found the radio tower and tried to put out a message.