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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Office

For starters, Dwight is our favorite on The Office. It's not his looks really. It's that bubbly personality:) Angela & Dellitt

So, I've become accustomed to hi-jacking my sister's higher and more active technology sources so that I can have internet voice. Delli really is good at keeping up with things like blogging and babyzone name discussions. Still, every once in a while I want to join in. I'd like to say that if I had T.V. access on a regular basis, I'd be watching the current Office episodes. As it stands I've been waiting to watch once my son gets the entire season for me on dvd, usually at Christmas.

I feel a little guilty enjoying it as much as I do because it is making fun of and putting people down, which I'm opposed to for ethical reasons. I mean, as a junior high teacher, I see the effects this has on our nation's young people. They're vicious with one another. A very calloused group. The Office group probably does this sort of humor better than anyone, even Friends, in my opinion.

All the above was Angela, this here is me, though. I do have t.v. and The Office is not what I would be watching, even though I like it, simply because it's on at the same time as Lost. But I think I have only watched it infrequently in the past, as I go in for Law and Order and CSI type shows more. I agree that making fun of people and putting them down in real life isn't acceptable, but t.v. is not real, so I don't mind it. Sometimes I feel bad for Dwight, I have to say. And maybe I like him the best because in some ways he is more like me than the other characters (way over the top, though, which is of course what makes him funny). He would be more likely to have a crossword book devoted solely to Star Trek than the other characters (yes, I have one), to follow the rules very closely, etc.

So what are your thoughts and opinions on The Office, its type of humor, Angela's lack of internet voice, or my similarity to Dwight?

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  1. I like the office but not enough to watch it every week like I do with lost and celebrity rehab with dr drew. I do like the humor of office and at times wished tv was real because real life sometimes is very boring.
    I think this is a good time for ang to get a blog of her own that way she will share a small piece of the internet.
    By the way beth and I really had a fun time on saturday and if you don't already know we got a wii of our own, next time you all will have to come over to our house for some friendly competition;)