Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday's Names



Eiluned - Welsh, meaning"idol".

Floridalma- Spanish, probably a combination of 'florida' meaning 'flowering' and 'alma' meaning 'soul'.

Code of Hammurabi, Oldest Known written laws

Gulielma - Italian feminine form of the German name William, which derives from the roots "wil" meaning "will" or "desire" and "helm" meaning "helmet" or "protection".


Hammurabi - Akkadian, from the Amorite "Ammurapi" meaning "the kinsman is a healer", from "ammu" "paternal kinsman" and "rapi" "healer". I would think that would make the name mean something more like "my father's kinsman is a healer".

Iah - Egyptian, meaning "moon". The name of the Egyptian moon god.

           Egyptian hieroglyphs that represent the name of the moon god Iah

There was also a female bearer of the name Iah, daughter of a pharaoh, married to a pharaoh, and mother to another pharaoh and his wife (since they were brother and sister).

Jehiel - Hebrew, meaning "God lives", pronounced "jee HIE ul".

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