In 2014 I featured a series of blog posts introducing you to 2,014 names. For the most part they were names that were brand new to me as well. Some names may be more familiar but I found the meaning or origin or some other aspect of the name made it worthy of inclusion here. You may love some of the names, you may hate some, but hopefully you enjoy learning about all of them.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Names #266-273


Thomsey - usually a nickname for Thomasine or Thomasina. However, I encountered this as a given name doing some Early American genealogy. Thomasine is the feminine form of Thomas, which is the Greek form of the Aramaic name Tauma and means 'twin'.
the sort of doll a Ula might
have had a hundred years ago
Ulster, Ireland
Ula -Ulla is how Uladh is pronounced, being the Irish Gaelic name for the northern part of Ireland (with 'ster' from Norse roots, it has come to be known as Ulster).
Steiff Sleep Well Bear EAN 239526
a nickname for Urszula, which is the Polish form of Ursula, meaning "little bear", it is derived from the Latin word for bear 'ursa'.

Rheinstein Castle and the Rhine River,Germany:
Beautiful spot from which a princess
might view the the country she reigned.

Louisa Ulrika was the sister of
Frederick the Great. Ulrika was
given to honor her godmother,
Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden.
Louisa Ulrika became Queen
Consort of  Sweden. She was
Ula is used as a nickname for Ulrika, the feminine form of the Germanic name Ulrich, which comes from 'othal' meaning 'country' and 'ric' meaning 'reign' or 'empire'. The Old English Ulric means 'wolf ruler' and Ulmar means 'wolf famous' or 'famous rule', Ulrika also is a form of Alarice, which means 'powerful ruler'.
Julie of the Wolves - wolf famous, wolf queen, country reign
and Julie is not that far from Ula. Ula would be a perfectly
acceptable nickname for Julia, in my opinion.

Wouldn't Ula be a darling name for
this kitten?
Скифская богиня Апи  Scythian goddess Api:
Ancient Scythian bee
goddes Apia (an apiary
is a place for keeping
The Hausa language of Africa uses the name Ula, where it means 'cat'.

"Ula t Vis" is an ancient saying which means "Ula is the Bee". This is a reference to the plentitude of bees in ancient Scythia, in the land of the Ula. I need to do a little research to see if this is the same area as the Ula river in southern Lithuania.

River Ula in winter:

Sahaliyan ula, the tenth longest river in the world, otherwise
called The Black River. 
Ula is the name of a clan in the Manchurian confederacy that existed in the late 17th century and of their capital city. It means "great river".

Step Empress Ulanara.PNG
Ulanara, second Empress of the Qing dynasty
Ulanara is the name of her clan
we have to guess at what her own name was
In Mongolian this means mountain and gave rise to the name of the Altai mountain range, Altai ula. Altai means 'gold' and with Ula it means 'mountain of gold'.

In Hawaiian Ula means 'sacred red'.

Image result for hawaii red

In Arabic, the Wadi Ula is supposed to be the site where Noah's Ark landed. Ula means 'exalted' here.

Pre-Islamic ruins of Mada'in Saleh  |  Al Ula, Saudi Arabia (West Asia):
Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia, where you will find these ruins of Mada'in Saleh, which
were built before the time of Mohammed
How to Make a Life-Size Nativity Play with a Camel, a Donkey and a Sheep: In Basque, Ula refers to the Virgin Mary.

HIROSHIGE Japanese Woodblock Print WATER TAXI: There is a poem by the Japanese poet Hagiwara Sakutaro, subtitled "To a woman named Ula". He explained that her name in the poem serves a particular purpose since the l of Ula has no equivalent in Japanese, and the poem is meant to be read aloud, including the woman's name. He said that the main motif of the poem lies in the sound of the name Ula.  For him, the sound of Ula expresses "a musical image of nostalgia, like a wind coming from a desolate graveyard." Ura was the name used for the woman in earlier versions of the poem and means 'seacoast'. I think this may be as beautiful an expression of the name as any of its meanings in other languages.

Kundai, Eleanor and Rumbidzai - Founders of Soko Mushrooms Zimbabwe:
Three women who founded Soko Mushrooms in Zimbabwe
They were so happy! I thought it would work for the Soko name Ula.

In the Soko language of Africa Ula means 'laughing'.

It is fascinating to me to consider that the tribes that settled Eastern Europe and Germany (and from there, England and Spain) had come from much farther east, perhaps in the general area of the Altai ula of the Mongols and that perhaps there is some relation as well to the Manchurians, Aborigine, and Hawaiian use of the word. And curious the difficulty of saying it in Japanese. Parts of the Middle East also fell under the rule of people from Central Asia but I wonder if the name is so old, in fact, as to date back to ancient Ur and Elam. As it is present in the Elamite language as well. The landing place of Noah. Exalted as a mountain, sacred red, the sound of a wind from the sea or graveyard. This name has proven much more interesting than I originally anticipated it would.

Völuspá - It tells the story of the creation of the world and its coming end related by a völva addressing Odin. It is one of the most important primary sources for the study of Norse mythology.:
the volva tells the god Odin of the end of the world
Vala - German, meaning 'singled out'.

Norse, from the word 'volva', meaning "fortune teller" or "prophet". In Norse mythology, Vala is the name of the sibyl that predicts the end of the world.

A Viking ship being lifted to Valhalla, where those who have died heroically feast and drink in Odin's great hall until the end of the world.:
the ship that takes the brave dead to Valhalla where they live in luxury until the world's end

In Norse and other Scandinavian languages Vala is used as a nickname for names containing the root 'val'. "Walha" is a Germanic root which meant "foreign". 'Valr' refers to the slain and Valhalla is the the 'hall' of the slain (who died well). There is Proto-Norse in which waihalaR means 'the arguing one'. Someone named Wanilo in Norse might go by the name Vali while they are young. This is ironic to me since Wanilo itself means 'the little Vanir' and so would seem to already be a name used while someone is young. It's possible that there is some connection in the meaning of Vala to Vali through this, as the Vanir were a family of gods in Norse mythology (not the family of Odin) and lived elsewhere, practiced magic, etc.

Pioneering Black female lawyer Charlotte E. Ray achieved her historic feat in 1872, becoming just the third woman ever admitted to practice law in the country at the time. Ray was also the first woman admitted to practice law in the nation’s capital and the first woman to argue a case in front of the Supreme Court.:
Her name was not Vala, but perhaps it should have been. Charlotte Ray was the first female
lawyer to argue a case before the Supreme Court.
The Marble Cathedral - Visitors to the water-sculpted blue caverns see light reflected off the turquoise waters of South America's second largest freshwater lake, General Carrera in Patagonia, Chile.: In ancient India Vala was a figure who had cows which were set loose by Indra and he is seen as a protector of them. As a word in this ancient literature, vala is taken to mean 'cover' or 'cave', as the cave which received "the waters" (this reminds me of Genesis, when the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters). In this instance, though, Vala is a masculine name.

Actor in movie Troy Hot | Top 5 Weekly Hotlist: Top 5 Hot Men in Skirts: Jack London. White Fang. Macmillan Company, 1906. First edition. Color illustrations by Charles Livingston Bull:
Wolfgang - German, from 'wulf' (wolf, obviously), and 'gang' meaning 'path' or journey (can't you picture how a modern streetgang forms, following the same path to school each day, playing on the same sequence of play equipment at recess, etc, Or even how a gang might have formed once upon a time, traveling the same road for safety). It is quite natural to picture a pack of gray wolves stalking Hansel and Gretel through an old forest.

Xanto - Greek, meaning "a blonde-haired man" and pronounced "zaen toe".

Such a cute idea if you're giving clothes as a shower gift.:

Zebulon - Hebrew, perhaps from 'zebed' meaning 'gift' or possibly from 'yizbeleni' meaning 'honor'.

♥ #Israel #IDF:

Archelaus- Greek, meaning "prime" or "rule of the people".

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