Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Do you see one or two names you would use?

I'm not saying they're all extremely usable. But, I think that Aljourn 'might' work on a boy these days and Xevera maybe on a girl. I wonder if there was ever more than one Zerubbabel??




Yrsa - Swedish, possibly derived from 'ursa' meaning 'bear'.


Zerubbabel - possibly Hebrew, derived from "Zerua Bavel" meaning "the one sown of Babylon" or "Zeruy Bavel" meaning "the winnowed one of Babylon". The one interpretation relates to the idea of child born in Babylon or conceived there and the second to living in Babylon as an exile. Wikipedia also suggests the possibility that this name derives from the Assyrian-Babylonian "Zeru Bavel" which means "one conceived in Babylon". They all seem the same to me.

Burgess Meredith, actor
Aljourn - a form of Algernon.

Burgess - English, derived from the French and indicating someone who lives in a town.

Cuthbert - Old English, meaning "famous".

oops, I posted this a bit early - these names are for Saturday

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