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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Coldplay Song of the Day

I just thought a fun way to count down to the concert in November would be to have a different Coldplay song each day to listen to. So, today's song is Yellow (from the album Parachutes which came out in 2000). According to Wikipedia, Yellow is the song that introduced the world to Coldplay. I really love this song. I love the way Chris Martin's voice sounds as he sings it, but the other two things that I really like about the song are, well, that everything is "yellow", I think that is kind of cool, and also, when he says "look at the stars, look how they shine for you". Also a nice idea. I think, basically, I like this song because it's simple and sweet.
You can watch the music video, if you'd like, by clicking below.

Click on the video to see Coldplay perform Yellow live in concert.

Here's Chris Martin doing an acoustic version of Yellow with Noel Gallagher playing the guitar.


I thought I would also include this piano version of Yellow with just Chris Martin singing.

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