Sunday, July 6, 2008


Actually, I'm not going camping in July. But here is when I plan to go camping for the next year and a half (with some of the places listed). Let me know if you're interested in going with me on any of these trips!

August 15 & 16 (possibly come home either the 16th or 17th) ~ my roommate, my dad, and I are going to go to Payson Lakes, which is on Mt. Nebo. That should be fun. Mt. Nebo is the highest mountain in Utah county

Sep 19-20 (come home on the 20th) ~ I'm planning on going up in the mountains, maybe down around Redmond somewhere. Haven't decided for sure. So far, no one is going with me on this trip.

Oct 17-19 (come home on the 19) ~ go to Capitol Reef! I haven't been there in 15 years and it is my favorite of the national parks

Nov 14-16 (come home on the 16) ~ San Rafael Swell, not sure exactly where, though

Mar 13-15/2009 ~ either Kolob Canyon in Zions or the Needles in Canyonlands

Apr 17-19/2009 ~ either somewhere around Escalante or Goblin Valley

May 15-17/2009 ~ maybe go to the Henry Mountains?

June 20-28/2009 ~ yep, a week long trip. Probably we will actually stay in a lodge or hotel, but planning to go to either Glacier National Park or Yellowstone with Mom and Dad and possibly Angela and Brett.

Jul 17-19/2009 ~ camp in the mountains somewhere, haven't decided where yet

Aug 14-16/2009 ~ maybe camp on the Boulder mountain?

Sep 18-20/2009 ~ maybe go to the Uintas?

Oct 16-18/2009 ~ I would like to go down to Mesa Verde in Colorado. Maybe Mom and Dad could go. We would probably stay in a motel.

Nov 13-15/2009 ~ I think I might like to go to the Book Cliffs to camp

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