Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Waist deep in names, or maybe, up to my neck in them!


Beatrycze - Polish form of Beatrix

Calfuray - Mapuche, meaning "violet flower".

Katsiaryna - Belarusian form of Katherine.

Meklit - Amharic, meaning "gift to God".


Dobrogost - Polish and Slavic, from the Slavic elements 'dobru' meaning 'good' and 'gosti' meaning 'guest'.

Nahuel - Mapuche, meaning "jaguar".

Ruslan - short form of the name Yeruslan, which comes from the Tatar Uruslan, which comes from the Turkic 'arslan' meaning 'lion'. Yeruslan is a figure in Russian and Tatar folktales, whose roots lie in the Persian tales of Rostam, a legendary warrior hero. Meaning unknown.

Tamrat - Amharic, meaning "miracle".


Alemayehu - Amharic, meaning "I have seen the world".

Isi - Choctaw, meaning "dear".

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