In 2014 I featured a series of blog posts introducing you to 2,014 names. For the most part they were names that were brand new to me as well. Some names may be more familiar but I found the meaning or origin or some other aspect of the name made it worthy of inclusion here. You may love some of the names, you may hate some, but hopefully you enjoy learning about all of them.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

I found these names in various sources, but wanted to make sure and give credit to the Connecticut State Library for their list of American nicknames in the 19th century.


Abby - It never hurts to look at something familiar with new eyes. The Connecticut library's list had Abby as a nickname for Tabitha as well as for Abigail.

Allie - Another familiar nickname but in the 19th century, according to the Connecticut State Library, this was used for Alice. Remember, Allison was a man's name then. Though I suppose perhaps it did get used for Alexandra?

Bab or Babbie - You would probably already be able to guess that these are nicknames for Barbara. But it was new to me. I truly had only thought 'Babs' was a nickname and never imagined Bab or Babbie. Though they do make sense.

Bede - a nickname for Obedience. I hadn't realized, actually, that all those Puritans with virtue names might have also had a nickname.

Belle or Bella - a nickname for Mehitabel. It is also used for various other names like Isabel or Annabelle. But I had not considered that it could be used for something more uncommon, like Mehitabel.

Biah - a nickname for Abiah. I believe I've seen some modern use of Baya as a name (not a lot, of course). Here's a nice way to use such a name but use a name with a lot of history as well.

Biddy - a nickname for Bridget (or Brigid) or Obedience. I suppose there were more people named Obedience out there than I had thought.

Briney - a nickname for "Sybrina". Now I would think that this is just a variant spelling of Sabrina, but I could be wrong and if so, is it pronounced 'sah BRY nah'? Or is the nickname pronounced 'BREE nee' and not 'BRINE ee'

Caddie - a nickname for Caroline. I think I had found it as a nickname for Carrie before, but not Caroline.

Callie - another nickname listed for Caroline. Carrie was as well.

Cleda - a nickname for Cleophas. I would not have thought of Cleophas as a woman's name.

Crese or Crecy - a nickname for Lucretia. I suppose I would have thought of Lucy or Lisa or Lisha. But Crese and Crecy do make sense.

Dimmis - a nickname for Damaris. I could come up with a few nicknames for Damaris, but I would not have thought of this on my own. It does make me think Demi works as a nickname for Damaris, though.

Donia - a nickname for Fredonia. Normally  I would think this was pronounced with a short o sound, but given that it is a nickname for Fredonia, I'm guessing it has the long o sound instead.

Dosia - a nickname for Theodosia.

Ealasaid - Gaelic. This was listed next to the nickname Elsie on the list of American nicknames. I may have seen it before, but I had forgotten about it.

Elinamifia - this name was listed next to the nickname Ellen on Connecticut State Library's list of American nicknames. But I had never heard this name before.

Fally - This is a two for the price of one entry. Fally (a nickname I'm unfamiliar with) was listed as a nickname for Eliphal. I don't believe I've ever seen this name before and I certainly would not have guessed that it is a woman's name.

Fronie - a nickname for Sophronia.

Hepsy - a nickname for Hepsibah. I'm more used to the spelling Hepzibah, but the Library's list had the s spelling.

Hermie - a nickname for Hermione. I cannot see this nickname and NOT think of "Kermie", Miss Piggy's pet name for Kermit the Frog.

Hetty - a nickname for Mehitabel. I knew of it as a nickname for Henrietta, which was listed, but not for Mehitabel (though it is a logical one). Hitty was also listed for Mehitabel.

Jenny - a nickname for Jane or Janet. Hadn't really considered this before.

Leafy - a nickname for Relief (another virtue name). Though I would have guessed Lettice (oh I know, bad joke!)

Lena - this was listed as a nickname for several names. Angelina I could have guessed on my own. However, I had not thought of it as a nickname for these names which were listed: Helen, Caroline, Madeleine (or Magdalen).

Lisa - a nickname for Melissa. I had only ever thought of it as a nickname to Elisabeth before.

Lollie - a nickname for Charlotte. I had seen it as a nickname for Laurel in the movie Stella Dallas. But I had not thought of it as a nickname for Charlotte.

Louetta - Not sure if I have posted this in this series of new names posts, but it was on the list of nicknames next to the nickname Etta as a formal name that Etta was used for.

Mabel - another of the many nicknames listed for Mehitabel. I had always thought of Mabel as a name in its own right.

Maida - a nickname for Madeleine or Magdalena.

Mallie - a nickname for Malvina. I had heard Mallie as a nickname for Mallory but I'm not sure I had even heard of the name Malvina til now.

Mate - the list was very specific as to when and where this was used as a nickname (for Mary) - New York in the 1840s.

Mena - a nickname for Almina. I've seen Mina before and thought of it as a nickname for names like Jemina. But not knowing the name Almina, I had not thought of it as a nickname for that. I would be likely to think of this as 'MAY nah' not 'MEE nah' and therefore assume it was a nickname or derivative of names like Ximena.

Mima - a nickname for Jemima. Just below that Mimi was listed for Mary and I think it would suit Jemima well too.

Mindwell - this was listed next to the nickname Mina (which, as I said above, I was already familiar with - Wilhelmina being the other name next to Mina and one I would have thought of). I had never heard of Mindwell as word or a name. Let alone thought there was any connection between Mina and Mindwell.

Minnie - I continue to be surprised at where nicknames come from. I have heard of Minnie as a nickname for Minerva, but it was actually listed as a nickname for Mary and also Wilhelmina (which makes a bit more sense to me). I'm beginning to wonder what name is NOT used as a nickname for Mary.

Mitty - a nickname for, wait for it, Mehitabel. Also Submit. Definitely not a virtue name I would want to use but back in Puritan times it might have had a more positive connotation. Though when I see Mitty I think of the Danny Kaye movie about Walter Mitty and the presidential candidate Mitt Romney. It is sweet, though.

Mollie - a nickname for Martha. I knew of it as a nickname to Mary (what else?) but not  for Martha.

Nabbie - a nickname for Abigail. A curious one at that!

Nancy - a nickname for Agnes (Ann and Anna too, of course, but I hadn't thought of it before for Agnes).

Nettie - a nickname for Henrietta or Antoinette. I had seen it as a nickname for Annette and other 'netta' or 'nette' names, but Henrietta I'm not so sure.

Neva - a nickname for Genevieve. I had thought of using Neve as a nickname for Genevieve but not Neva, which I do like

Nonie - nickname for Joan. I knew it was a nickname but didn't know to what name.


Orolia - a nickname for Caroline

Patsy - a nickname for Martha. Strange that I did not know this before, as I am familiar with Patsy. I always assumed it was a nickname for Patricia.

Patty - besides being a nickname for Patricia this is also a nickname for Patience, Martha, and Parthenia.

Peddy - a nickname for the virtue name Experience.

Phoenie - a nickname for Tryphena

Phosy - a nickname for Tryphosia.

Puss - a nickname for Prudence or Philadelphia.

Rana - a nickname for Lorraine.

Reenie - a nickname for names such as Irene, Maureen, Serena, or Sabrena (the website's spelling, not mine).

Sene - a nickname for Acenath.

Silla - a nickname for Priscilla. (I assume this would work equally well for Drusilla).

Sissie - a nickname for Cecily or Cecilia. I think I had thought of this as a nickname for Susan or Priscilla or Melissa, Clarissa, names of that sort, but not Cecilia and certainly not Cecily. Oh, Cicely works.

Tallie - a nickname for Natalie. I know some of these nicknames must seem common sense to the rest of you, but I really had never thought of it.

Tempy - a nickname for Temperance.

Tennie - a nickname for Tennessee. You wouldn't think there had been that many women named Tennessee, but I suppose there must have been.

Tenty - a nickname for the virtue name Content. I think Tennie certainly works as a nickname for Content as well, and maybe even Cotton?

Thenie- a nickname for Parthenia. Though I would see no reason not to use it for Athena as well.

Thirza - a nickname for Theresa. Why did I think this was a name in its own right and not a nickname?


Vinny or Viney - a nickname for names like Lavinia, Louvina, Melvina, or Lavina. I have heard of Vinny as a nickname for Vincent but never thought of it for a girl. Nor had I thought of Viney as a nickname at all.

Waity - a nickname for Waitstill. I would never have dreamed up either one of these as a names. But actually, I rather love the effect of saying 'Waitstill'. I'd like Whey as a nickname or Wheat (or Wheaty) mmore though.

Winnet - a nickname for Winnifred. Rather love it.

Zubia - a nickname for Azubah. I am very much looking forward to researching these names better and posting it all here.



Bige - a nickname for Abijah

Cager - a nickname for Micajah


Chan - a nickname for Chauncey.

Cuddy - a nickname for Cuthbert.

Dirch - a nickname for Derrick.

Dob - along with Dobbin, a nickname for Robert.

Dyer - a nickname for Obadiah.

Eben - a nickname for Ebenezer.

Eppa - a nickname for Epaphroditus.

Fanny - a nickname for Nathaniel.

Fate - a nickname for Lafayette (Fayette as well, and used on a boy).

Finney - a nickname for Phineas.


Ham - a nickname for Hamilton.

Hiley - a nickname for Hiram. Hy is another nickname for Hiram.

Judy - a nickname for Judah

Kiah - a nickname for Hezekiah.


Lazar - a nickname for Eleazer.

Pleas - a nickname for Pleasant. It makes me curious what nicknames were used for other virtue names? Hope, for instance.

Quill - a nickname for Aquilla.

Riah - a nickname for Zachariah. Rias is a nickname for Zacharias. Rye is another nickname that works for either.

Tiah - this one made a little less sense to me. It is a nickname for Azariah. ???


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