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There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

I found these names in various sources, but wanted to make sure and give credit to the Connecticut State Library for their list of American nicknames in the 19th century.


Abby - It never hurts to look at something familiar with new eyes. The Connecticut library's list had Abby as a nickname for Tabitha as well as for Abigail.

Allie - Another familiar nickname but in the 19th century, according to the Connecticut State Library, this was used for Alice. Remember, Allison was a man's name then. Though I suppose perhaps it did get used for Alexandra?

Bab or Babbie - You would probably already be able to guess that these are nicknames for Barbara. But it was new to me. I truly had only thought 'Babs' was a nickname and never imagined Bab or Babbie. Though they do make sense.

Bede - a nickname for Obedience. I hadn't realized, actually, that all those Puritans with virtue names might have also had a nickname.

Belle or Bella - a nickname for Mehitabel. It is also used for various other names like Isabel or Annabelle. But I had not considered that it could be used for something more uncommon, like Mehitabel.

Biah - a nickname for Abiah. I believe I've seen some modern use of Baya as a name (not a lot, of course). Here's a nice way to use such a name but use a name with a lot of history as well.

Biddy - a nickname for Bridget (or Brigid) or Obedience. I suppose there were more people named Obedience out there than I had thought.

Briney - a nickname for "Sybrina". Now I would think that this is just a variant spelling of Sabrina, but I could be wrong and if so, is it pronounced 'sah BRY nah'? Or is the nickname pronounced 'BREE nee' and not 'BRINE ee'

Caddie - a nickname for Caroline. I think I had found it as a nickname for Carrie before, but not Caroline.

Callie - another nickname listed for Caroline. Carrie was as well.

Cleda - a nickname for Cleophas. I would not have thought of Cleophas as a woman's name.

Crese or Crecy - a nickname for Lucretia. I suppose I would have thought of Lucy or Lisa or Lisha. But Crese and Crecy do make sense.

Dimmis - a nickname for Damaris. I could come up with a few nicknames for Damaris, but I would not have thought of this on my own. It does make me think Demi works as a nickname for Damaris, though.

Donia - a nickname for Fredonia. Normally  I would think this was pronounced with a short o sound, but given that it is a nickname for Fredonia, I'm guessing it has the long o sound instead.

Dosia - a nickname for Theodosia.

Ealasaid - Gaelic. This was listed next to the nickname Elsie on the list of American nicknames. I may have seen it before, but I had forgotten about it.

Elinamifia - this name was listed next to the nickname Ellen on Connecticut State Library's list of American nicknames. But I had never heard this name before.

Fally - This is a two for the price of one entry. Fally (a nickname I'm unfamiliar with) was listed as a nickname for Eliphal. I don't believe I've ever seen this name before and I certainly would not have guessed that it is a woman's name.

Fronie - a nickname for Sophronia.

Hepsy - a nickname for Hepsibah. I'm more used to the spelling Hepzibah, but the Library's list had the s spelling.

Hermie - a nickname for Hermione. I cannot see this nickname and NOT think of "Kermie", Miss Piggy's pet name for Kermit the Frog.

Hetty - a nickname for Mehitabel. I knew of it as a nickname for Henrietta, which was listed, but not for Mehitabel (though it is a logical one). Hitty was also listed for Mehitabel.

Jenny - a nickname for Jane or Janet. Hadn't really considered this before.

Leafy - a nickname for Relief (another virtue name). Though I would have guessed Lettice (oh I know, bad joke!)

Lena - this was listed as a nickname for several names. Angelina I could have guessed on my own. However, I had not thought of it as a nickname for these names which were listed: Helen, Caroline, Madeleine (or Magdalen).

Lisa - a nickname for Melissa. I had only ever thought of it as a nickname to Elisabeth before.

Lollie - a nickname for Charlotte. I had seen it as a nickname for Laurel in the movie Stella Dallas. But I had not thought of it as a nickname for Charlotte.

Louetta - Not sure if I have posted this in this series of new names posts, but it was on the list of nicknames next to the nickname Etta as a formal name that Etta was used for.

Mabel - another of the many nicknames listed for Mehitabel. I had always thought of Mabel as a name in its own right.

Maida - a nickname for Madeleine or Magdalena.

Mallie - a nickname for Malvina. I had heard Mallie as a nickname for Mallory but I'm not sure I had even heard of the name Malvina til now.

Mate - the list was very specific as to when and where this was used as a nickname (for Mary) - New York in the 1840s.

Mena - a nickname for Almina. I've seen Mina before and thought of it as a nickname for names like Jemina. But not knowing the name Almina, I had not thought of it as a nickname for that. I would be likely to think of this as 'MAY nah' not 'MEE nah' and therefore assume it was a nickname or derivative of names like Ximena.

Mima - a nickname for Jemima. Just below that Mimi was listed for Mary and I think it would suit Jemima well too.

Mindwell - this was listed next to the nickname Mina (which, as I said above, I was already familiar with - Wilhelmina being the other name next to Mina and one I would have thought of). I had never heard of Mindwell as word or a name. Let alone thought there was any connection between Mina and Mindwell.

Minnie - I continue to be surprised at where nicknames come from. I have heard of Minnie as a nickname for Minerva, but it was actually listed as a nickname for Mary and also Wilhelmina (which makes a bit more sense to me). I'm beginning to wonder what name is NOT used as a nickname for Mary.

Mitty - a nickname for, wait for it, Mehitabel. Also Submit. Definitely not a virtue name I would want to use but back in Puritan times it might have had a more positive connotation. Though when I see Mitty I think of the Danny Kaye movie about Walter Mitty and the presidential candidate Mitt Romney. It is sweet, though.

Mollie - a nickname for Martha. I knew of it as a nickname to Mary (what else?) but not  for Martha.

Nabbie - a nickname for Abigail. A curious one at that!

Nancy - a nickname for Agnes (Ann and Anna too, of course, but I hadn't thought of it before for Agnes).

Nettie - a nickname for Henrietta or Antoinette. I had seen it as a nickname for Annette and other 'netta' or 'nette' names, but Henrietta I'm not so sure.

Neva - a nickname for Genevieve. I had thought of using Neve as a nickname for Genevieve but not Neva, which I do like

Nonie - nickname for Joan. I knew it was a nickname but didn't know to what name.


Orolia - a nickname for Caroline

Patsy - a nickname for Martha. Strange that I did not know this before, as I am familiar with Patsy. I always assumed it was a nickname for Patricia.

Patty - besides being a nickname for Patricia this is also a nickname for Patience, Martha, and Parthenia.

Peddy - a nickname for the virtue name Experience.

Phoenie - a nickname for Tryphena

Phosy - a nickname for Tryphosia.

Puss - a nickname for Prudence or Philadelphia.

Rana - a nickname for Lorraine.

Reenie - a nickname for names such as Irene, Maureen, Serena, or Sabrena (the website's spelling, not mine).

Sene - a nickname for Acenath.

Silla - a nickname for Priscilla. (I assume this would work equally well for Drusilla).

Sissie - a nickname for Cecily or Cecilia. I think I had thought of this as a nickname for Susan or Priscilla or Melissa, Clarissa, names of that sort, but not Cecilia and certainly not Cecily. Oh, Cicely works.

Tallie - a nickname for Natalie. I know some of these nicknames must seem common sense to the rest of you, but I really had never thought of it.

Tempy - a nickname for Temperance.

Tennie - a nickname for Tennessee. You wouldn't think there had been that many women named Tennessee, but I suppose there must have been.

Tenty - a nickname for the virtue name Content. I think Tennie certainly works as a nickname for Content as well, and maybe even Cotton?

Thenie- a nickname for Parthenia. Though I would see no reason not to use it for Athena as well.

Thirza - a nickname for Theresa. Why did I think this was a name in its own right and not a nickname?


Vinny or Viney - a nickname for names like Lavinia, Louvina, Melvina, or Lavina. I have heard of Vinny as a nickname for Vincent but never thought of it for a girl. Nor had I thought of Viney as a nickname at all.

Waity - a nickname for Waitstill. I would never have dreamed up either one of these as a names. But actually, I rather love the effect of saying 'Waitstill'. I'd like Whey as a nickname or Wheat (or Wheaty) mmore though.

Winnet - a nickname for Winnifred. Rather love it.

Zubia - a nickname for Azubah. I am very much looking forward to researching these names better and posting it all here.



Bige - a nickname for Abijah

Cager - a nickname for Micajah


Chan - a nickname for Chauncey.

Cuddy - a nickname for Cuthbert.

Dirch - a nickname for Derrick.

Dob - along with Dobbin, a nickname for Robert.

Dyer - a nickname for Obadiah.

Eben - a nickname for Ebenezer.

Eppa - a nickname for Epaphroditus.

Fanny - a nickname for Nathaniel.

Fate - a nickname for Lafayette (Fayette as well, and used on a boy).

Finney - a nickname for Phineas.


Ham - a nickname for Hamilton.

Hiley - a nickname for Hiram. Hy is another nickname for Hiram.

Judy - a nickname for Judah

Kiah - a nickname for Hezekiah.


Lazar - a nickname for Eleazer.

Pleas - a nickname for Pleasant. It makes me curious what nicknames were used for other virtue names? Hope, for instance.

Quill - a nickname for Aquilla.

Riah - a nickname for Zachariah. Rias is a nickname for Zacharias. Rye is another nickname that works for either.

Tiah - this one made a little less sense to me. It is a nickname for Azariah. ???


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