In 2014 I featured a series of blog posts introducing you to 2,014 names. For the most part they were names that were brand new to me as well. Some names may be more familiar but I found the meaning or origin or some other aspect of the name made it worthy of inclusion here. You may love some of the names, you may hate some, but hopefully you enjoy learning about all of them.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


That's how many names we still need to learn to complete the goal of learning 2,014 new names this year.

Here are 45 to move us along the way.


Aaditri - this is a name I got off the Social Security Administration's list of names given to babies born in the U.S. in 2012. There were 5 with this name. I have no idea how it is said or pronounced or what it's origin and meaning might be.

Baileyann - another name off of the SSA's list. I wouldn't have thought of combining these two names as though they were one unit. I actually don't mind it, though I would think that I would.

Cadrian - another SSA entry. I haven't researched it but my initial guess is that this is an invention. Using the idea of the name Cade (which is given to girls as well as boys) and the name Adrian and smooshing them to get just one name.

Dacota - from the SSA list. I'm assuming this is just a creative spelling of Dakota.

Edlynn - from the SSA list

Faige - from the SSA list

Galit - from the SSA list. This is a Jewish girl's name, a variant of Gal, according to, which means "wave". However, this  can be found as a word or part of a name in other languages, for instance, Margalit, a form of Margaret, or the Welsh word for 'hill'.

Haileen - from the SSA list

Ikea - from the SSA list


Jetta - a Dutch form of Henrietta.

Kabria - from the SSA list

Lynlea - from the SSA list

Ma - from the SSA list. Not sure if this is a foreign name or a very short spelling of May.

Naaliyah - from the SSA. Another name I'm unsure about. It might just be an elaboration of Aaliyah. But I have not yet researched it.

Olvia - from the SSA list. This name is curious to me. Perhaps it is exactly what you see and a name with a history and established etymology. On the other hand, it might be a creative spelling (or typo) of Olivia.

Pal - from the SSA list. I will have to research this, as it is more a word to me or name of a pet. But I could see it as a nickname for Paloma or just being a name I'm unaware of.

Quaniyah - from the SSA list. Again, maybe this name is one I need to research. Maybe it is an elaboraton of Quanah. It seems possible though that it is an example of taking part of a name you like and matching it up with another sound you like, with no intended similarity to one particular name. It reminds me of Shania, in a way.

Racelyn - from the SSA list. Bonafide name? Typo that should have been Gracelyn? Smooshed names? Total invention?

Sabel -from the SSA list. Maybe it's Sable just spelled differently. But maybe it's Mabel with an S instead. Though it could be 'suh BELL', similar to Sabella or Sybella. Maybe it's just the last part of Isabel with a soft s instead of a z sound. Could it be Hindi, and said more like 'suh BEAL'? or is it more like Maybelle, said like two separate names? It's a mystery for now.

Trinh- Vietnamese, meaning "virtuous" or "loyal" or "chaste", according to

Uilani - from the SSA list

Vaishali - from the SSA list

Wardah - from the SSA list

Xavianna - from the SSA list

Yaila - from the SSA list

Zadaya - from the SSA list


Azarion - from the SSA list (2013)

Babacar - from the 2013 SSA list

Bix - a nickname for Benedict

Cahari - from the 2013 SSA list

Daelynn - from the 2013 SSA list

Earon - from the 2013 SSA list

Fatin - from the 2013 SSA list

Gabel - from the 2013 SSA list

Haaris - from the 2013 SSA list

Idhant - from the 2013 SSA list

Jabel - from the 2013 SSA list

Kabriel - from the 2013 SSA list

Laila - 5 boys were given this name according to the SSA list

Maadhay - from the 2013 SSA list

Nacari - from the 2013 SSA list

Oh - from the 2013 SSA list

Palash - from the 2013 SSA list

Robson - usually used as a surname, meaning "son of Rob", an alternate spelling of Robeson or Robison.

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