Friday, December 12, 2014

Am I catching up or falling behind or running neck and neck?


ÁGUEDA - Spanish

Aloma - Nickname for the Spanish name Paloma, which means "dove". Pronounced "ah LOW mah".

Antona- Spanish

Barbola- Spanish

Betania - Spanish form of Bethany.


Costanza- Spanish

Damiana- Spanish

Floriana - Spanish

Jerónima - Spanish

Mayor - Spanish

Melchora - Spanish


MENCÍA- Spanish

Nazarena- Spanish

Olall- Spanish

Quiteria - Spanish

Shakira- Spanish

Violante -Spanish


Agnano - Spanish

Anxo - Galician form of the Latin name Angelus.

Arsenio- Spanish

Barros - Spanish

BEÑAT- Basque form of Bernard.

Blas - Spanish

CEBRIÁN- Spanish form of the Latin name Cyprianus.

Cosme - Spanish


Eyague - Spanish

Frutos - Spanish

Garci- Spanish

Gines - Spanish

Luperco- Spanish

Mergildo - Spanish

Roque - Spanish

Truylos - Spanish

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