Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Some Mongolian Names and a few others



Enkhtuyaa- Mongolian, meaning 'ray of peace'.

Erdenetungalag - Mongolian, meaning "jewel-clear".

Narantuyaa - Mongolian, meaning "sun-beam". Names reflecting more pleasant things are more the fashion nowadays than names like Sorqaqtani were in the past.

Sarangerel -Mongolian, meaning "moon-light".

Sorqaqtani - Mongolian, meaning "pox girl". A name with a meaning like this was used to fool evil spirits and thus protect a child from misfortune. This sort of name was used in the middle ages.

Zayaa - Mongolian, a nickname for Delgerzayaa, or other names with the element 'zayaa'.


Askaa - Mongolian, a nickname for Arslandorj. Parts of the name are taken and the suffix ka is added to form a nickname.

Batsaikhan - Mongolian, meaning "strong-nice". I love this concept!


Idree - Mongolian nickname for names with the element Ider, such as Idertuyaa (girl name) or Iderbayaa (boy name). Often a brother and sister might have such matching names (though I'm guessing they'd wind up with different nicknames).

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