Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hand over new names, and no one gets hurt!


Virdžinėjė - Saimogaitian form of Virginia, which comes from the Roman family name Virginius, which probably comes from the Latin "virgo" meaning "virgin" or "maiden".


Alford - English, meaning "old river ford", a place to cross a river. This name would apply to someone who lived at such a place. It is a variant of Alfred, also, which comes from Old English meaning 'elf' 'counsel' or perhaps 'inspired' 'peace'. (thanks to for this information).

Josip - Croatian form of Joseph, from Hebrew, meaning "he shall add".

Titoan - Occitanian form of Anthony, which comes from a Roman family name "Antonius". It may have derived from Etruscan.

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