Sunday, November 30, 2014

30 More New Names


Azalaïs - Occitan form of Adelaide.

Charletta - feminine variant of Charles.

Chione - "snow white"

Dafnis - Spanish variant of the Greek name Daphne.

Diandrea - Modern American invented name based on, possibly, Diane and Andrea. Diane is Latin and the name of the goddess of the hunt, a moon goddess. Andrea is the feminine form of Andrew, a Greek name meaning "manly".

Eletta -

Eutaxia - "she who decently arranges her garments".

Fernetta- A variant of Fern.

Herewynn - Germanic, from 'here' meaning "army" and 'wynn' meaning joy'.

Hippothoe - "swift as a horse".


Mei - Chinese, meaning "plum".

Shequoyia - modern American invented name. It seems to be a combination of sequoia, meaning 'redwood tree' and added sounds for creativity but with no particular meaning.

Ugolina - German


Awley - "tall as a willow".

Dovi - Occitan nickname for Ludovi, a variant of Ludovick.



Fricis - Latvian form of Frederick.

Frithawulf- Anglo-Saxon, meaning "peace wolf"

Galentine - a earlier form of Valentine, meaning "happy through good health".

Gebbie - Nickname for the Hebrew name Gabriel, meaning "strength of God" or "very strong man of God."

Leosthenes - Greek, meaning "strong as a lion" indicating an 'active strength'.

Macaulay - Scottish, meaning "son of Awley", from "mac" meaning "son of" and "Awley" meaning "tall as a willow".

Nobah - "loud voiced"

Petifer - a form of Potiphar, meaning "iron-footed" or "a hard kicker".

Talhiran- name of a Pictish king, meaning "iron forehead".

Tremfear - "strong man"

Zillai - meaning "iron of Jehovah".

Zhimatvande - Sogdian, meaning "servant of Demeter". A name that points to the heritage left behind by Alexander the Great when he visited Central Asia.

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