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Thursday, October 4, 2012

What would you buy on eBay?

I love looking for things to buy on eBay (alas, lately my finances require me to buy NOTHING, no matter how inexpensive). But I'm a window shopper and eBay lets me do that when I have insomnia at 3 a.m. and what's more, I can look for things that are out of print or hard to find. I love that.

One of my passions is cross stitch and other needlework, especially books or patterns or magazines containing designs. But, I'm very stingy about what I will spend for it used on eBay. In my mind, a small pamphlet of patterns should be under a dollar, no more than $2, possibly $2.50 if I really love it or it's hard to find. Magazines no more than $2.50. Books I'd prefer to keep to $3.50 and under but I suppose a fantastic book could squeeze up to $5 from me.  Some people list the patterns and books for the price they were originally or even more than they were originally. That only works for me if it is a specific pattern I need and am looking for and it is exceptionally hard to find (so far this has not been the case, but I'm allowing a hypothetical here).

Here are two I would consider buying. The first is a kit, which is why I would spend that much for just one pattern, because it includes the fabric and threads. However, shipping changes it all, with shipping it's $5 so that would be a no!

The second is a blackwork kit, but the seller is in Great Britain so the shipping alone puts this out of the range I would pay for something. There are a lot of fabulous designs that you can only really get from out of the country so if I really really wanted it I would have to consider paying a high shipping fee, but the price as well, $49.99 is something I wouldn't pay. Now, that is actually rather reasonable for a good design like this, coming in a kit, I just would never pay that much. This is the sort of thing I'd consider paying $10-$15 for, if I were absolutely dying to have it, $20. But posting it on my blog is as close as I'm going to get for now!

So, what things have you found online that you would buy IF the price was right? (obviously if it is, you've already bought it, so the price must not be)

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